The Day We Met

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This short story sparks the start of a new beginning for a boy that wants to discover life and a girl hopelessly in love.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017






The day I lost my innocence I was in love and stupid, with a boy I longed to hate but adored right to the point of not knowing what love even was.

I remember the first time our eyes met and how his chocolate hair dripped wet after running through a rain of terror. I remember the exact way I felt as I tried so hard to stop myself from pouncing on him, like I was the tiger and he was my prey, but it was nothing like that. I’d love to say we made eye contact and in that moment we knew we were right for each other but it was more of an awkward sensation that has you feeling nervous yet thrilled at the same time. Well that’s how I felt, I still don’t know about him.  I guess it’s strange how so much can change in a year, how fast tables can turn and how strongly it can change everything in your life. The absolute wonder as to how one person can make such a big impact in your life, leaving you forgetting how you once were before them.  I often question myself what it have been like if that day had never happened. Whether everything in my life would have been the same old, boring routine. Or whether it really had been worthwhile. But the thing I’d really like to know is, did I change for the better? Or is the person I’ve become another product of society, searching for ways to fit in and following crowds. Because I fear I have become lost and I don’t know who’s to blame… My heart or myself?








The cool air caressed his lustrous, chocolate hair. As his eyes, profound with a hint of mystery, squinted through the piercing luster of the sun. Focus. The precision in his posture, so poised, there was not one slip as he strode his way into the school building. Look away. But my eyes are fixed on him, like he is the most beautiful sight to see surrounded by a sea of numbness. Stay calm. The definition in his arms, so structured. Did a God make him?

It was 8:38 in the morning as my head leant uncomfortably against the ridge of my locker. My eyes were in line with his, but his way beyond mine. An abnormal feeling began to develop, that sense of lack of control, that feeling when I-


Shit. “Wow, hi.”

“How was your summer?” Her face so eager in her speech, it wasn’t normal for a first day back.

“It was alright,” Meaning it was full of studying and empty days I filled watching old episodes of One Tree Hill, “There’s not really much to.” But there was no use in finishing; she didn’t really care what I had to say.

“My summer was so good.” And she didn’t stop boys, alcohol, sun, drugs, sex, boys and again alcohol. I lost track, but then again I wasn’t really listening. Sometimes I don’t mean too, I genuinely try to listen but end up drifting into another world. My world.

Bobby, that’s her name. Bobby and I, we aren’t really friends, but I’m not sure she knows that. The only reason we “associate” is because we grew up with our mums being best friends meaning we had no choice but too see each other most days. She was always a boy’s dream. She was the girl I’d walk down the hall with but everyone only saw her, with her athletic physique everyone would kill to have. And to top it all off her blue husky eyes complemented her brunette locks that she wore over one shoulder. It was so unfair. There were so many ways I could compare myself to her-

I was the Cheese and she was the Mouse OR

She was the Cake and I was the slicer, hmm this is hard, OR

She was the most stunning Siberian husky dog and I was a furless cat.

You’re probably wondering what I look like now, but why would I tell you that?



The sharp ring of the bell dinged in my ears, sending shivers down my spine, whilst Bobby and I stood hopelessly outside the math’s room. Utterly and truly, this was the time where I would begin to contemplate my life and at least try to decide what I was doing with it, but there was no use. Any second now Mr. Turner, AKA World’s Useless Man, would turn up and once again teach us all the same stuff we already knew. I sat at the back, knees crooked, with my head in my hands and I waited for him. Him. I suppose everyone does a lot of waiting in life, waiting to be born, waiting to be fed, waiting to fall in love and for some, waiting to die. I had fallen into a daydream, once again, which was quickly destroyed by my one and only best friend Sol. Oh Sol, Oh beautiful Sol. I once thought he was the love of my life, we spent everyday together, shopping, watching movies, eating, walking, running, laughing, crying. We were the perfect pair until I found out he was gay. Well I didn’t find out from someone else, he told me. He trusts me and I trust him. I’ve never told his secret.

“Hey Ash,” he loudly whispered to me, “looking fine today girl!” This was our little joke, he would make himself look straight in front of people and I’d play along.

“You’re not too bad yourself Lovegrove.” Then he gave me a cheeky wink. The eyelashes, from his emerald green eyes, flustered as they closed and opened. Sol had mastered the art of the wink.

He walked in. It was he. Look away. I looked down at my book and pretended to take notes. What am I doing, don’t be stupid Ash, just look up. I tilted my head to the side and my eyes peered through strands of my flaxen hair. Shit. He was looking right at me, but I just looked away.


It was the end of class and everyone flew out the door like seagulls racing for the last piece of bread. I guess everyone just had places to be and people to see, I on the other hand had too much spare time. Well, that was about to change. Sol was approaching me.

“Ash, me and some of the guys are hanging at the marina tonight, you coming?” He said it with a kind of smirk on his face, which obviously meant smoking pot till 12am and waiting till something thrilling happens.

“See you there.” And he hugged me in a feminine way so he quickly covered it up by grabbing my arse. For some that would satisfy a boy but for Sol that was just a chore.

Walking down the corridor I began to wonder who he meant by ‘the guys’, would HE be there? No, HE wouldn’t ‘hang’ with Sol. Or would he? I don’t know. I’d just have to wait to find out. And by wait I meant 9 hours of non-stop solicitous thinking.






I am running. I am running and it hurts.

“Wait for me George, Jesus I really need to quit smoking, this is killing me,” Sol was catching me up, “Come on man just wait!” But I kept on running. I was nearly there. And I did it. I was now lying on the floor, breathing so deeply it sounded like I was dying.

“Okay Sol, now you can speak to me.”

“Fuck you, I hate gym class.”

I like to prove I can do things, things that make you feel like you’re worth living. Like killing myself with 20 cigarettes a day but still being able to run 1500 meters in the cold, damp weather. On the other hand, Sol prefers to just give up and start and finish each day how it is.

I don’t know what to expect from tonight, Sol had given me little info, just that I had to be at his house by 7 and that we were going to the marina. I have no idea what the marina is? Oh and that I needed to bring a tenner for the weed. Would I dress up, would there be girls as well as boys? Or is it a chilled night? I have no idea. Anyway, I still had 9 hours to decide all of this.


I am walking. I am striding down the corridor on my way to class and there’s this girl. She looks at me but I look away. Beautiful. I have no idea who she is, but I told myself when I moved here that there were to be no distractions and by distractions I meant girls. This year is about my future and me and I’m prepared to face the consequences of my actions. Anyway, you’re probably wondering who I actually am? Or maybe you’re not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. My life’s been pretty rocky, split parents, constantly moving and no real life goal set. At the moment mum and me are staying in a BnB down town and I’m trying to find a new job. Most days I’m tired because all I hear each night is my father begging down the phone to my mum, but no dad were not fooling for it again. He’s crazy, too crazy. Which makes mum cry. She’s a busy lady with a dead end job, but no matter how weak she gets she’s still the strongest woman I know. My dad is her weakness.

A few years back you would have thought we were just your average family. Each morning mum would make breakfast for the three of us, pancakes were dads’ favorite, and we’d all be out the house by 8. Everything was fine, dad made phone calls whilst mum wrote emails. Then I’d come home from school and they’d be back an hour later. If anything, life got even better when mum found out she was pregnant. A boy. I was going to have a baby brother. Life was pretty good. But everyone knows fairytales aren’t real and we all eventually face the harshness of reality. The breaking point had hit us, dad lost his job and mum lost the baby. We lost pretty much everything as our family fell apart and we were left a bitter household of broken strands of heartache. Dad turned his pain to alcohol and with a hit to mums face we made a run. Mum and me took the car and three years on we’ve moved door-to-door, new job to new place. And here we are, back to present, still broken and slightly miserable. Hopefully, that was about to change.


A slick of wax through my hair, a pair of black jeans, a button up shirt and I’m off. I take a hoodie with me too. Oh and my wages I earned last week from the chip shop. What a shit hole that was. I have no idea what to expect from tonight and part of me is somewhat nervous.




It’s time and I’m shitting myself, I’ve stupidly wound myself up though… He might not even be there! I got so nervous though that I decided to ask Bobby if she’d come with me.

“Will the boys be there?”


“I’ll be at yours at 7 then, I’m bringing Jack too.”

I have no idea who Jack is, but I really don’t care. All I can I think about is what I’m going to do with my outfit and face, to play it casual or dress up and after half an hour of going through my entire wardrobe I ended up somewhere in between. I see Bobbie outside, I grab my phone and a fiver and I’m about to walk out the door when dad shouts, “where you going Ashley?”

“Just out dad.” Him and mum are watching TV, holby city again, “I love you both.” And with a kiss and a hug, I’m out.

“Hey Ash, Jack’s parked round the corner, lets go!” He drives! Thank god I don’t have to get the bus. I smile at Bobbie and were off.


So maybe I would have preferred to get the bus, this Jack was a nutter and I’m pretty sure he drove on the wrong side of the road at one point. There was no way he was driving me home. Anyway, we were finally here and I could feel my heart racing. I can see him; he’s sitting on the curb with Sol. Oh my god. He hasn’t seen us yet, but as we slowly approach them I’m trying my hardest to play it cool. But he looks so much cooler. Sol spotted me, “Ash, come over here!” I took my time walking over there; I didn’t want to look to keen. I was about to speak when Bobby pounced in.

“So what’s going on here lads?”

He didn’t look up, why wasn’t he looking at her? Every boy stares at Bobby, every boy listens to Bobby, but HE didn’t seem interested in the slightest? This probably has made it obvious that I had just been staring at him and I continued to do so whilst Bobby still went on. There’s no real harm in staring at someone, I was merely just trying to figure him out. He came across quite guarded, like he had a story that many people didn’t know about, and it seemed like he kept quite to himself a lot. He looked like an artist; you know just how artists have that look upon themselves, a mysterious kind of look.

Shit. As he looked up, our eyes caught in an instant. He must have known I was staring at him. “Ash, this is George.” Sol spoke out and as he did so, George stood up. He was an average height, not too tall, not too short. Perfect against me.

“Hello.” I lightly spoke. And in an instant the rain fell, a downpour of heavy rain.

“Come here.” George whispered in my ear and he we stole Sol’s bike and rode off. I was on the back on it as he rode us to shelter, I held on tight. His hair was dripping, it was so dark and so straight, and it smelt so good. As we got to shelter I jumped off the bike and tried my best to dry my hair. “You okay?” He asks me. Oh boy, I couldn’t tell you how good I feel right now. How could someone have so much confidence to take me away from everyone when they barely even know me? After responding to him and thanking him for getting me to shelter quicker than the rest, we kind of just stood there. And that was the day our eyes first met, the day his hair dripped wet after escaping the rain and the feeling I got from us staring at each other. The desperate want that he’d kiss me. How our lips would touch and we’d feel infinite. That night was the start of a new beginning. 

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