The Morning I Woke Up Without You

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taken from my book, "Must You Find Out?"

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



The Morning I Woke Up Without You


I didn't see you coming

I also lost you

__for now

The world took you from me

Because they are haters

__who don't want me to have you

I am subject to suffer

No one to buffer the pain

It's so insane

How I keep trying to change these circumstances

I've fell off my rocker

__and hit my funny bone

How I've wanted you for days

And still haven't told you

My world is crumbling


____without you

If I knew anything true

I'd know you don't feel the same way

'Cause how could you

__in less than a week?

You're not even attracted to me

So I write you off

__as a friend

And take my love for you to thee end

There's pain here

So much pain here

How can anything begin?

It's been a war to not love you

And I've lost the battle

"God, hold me down

Let me not stalk her!"

I know I will make the right decision

By not going to your meetings

You don't want me to love you

__this soon

____at least

I kow you're not in shape

__to ride with me

So time will let us fade

Fade until some one new

Makes me forget about you

Though right now I don't want that to happen

I'm all a loss

You're all I want

But it can't be mutual

Forget you

Or not

Loving you is it's own cost

I'm sure you don't give shit

That's why I'm glad you won't be reading this

Maybe I'm just confusing lust with love

Maybe I just really wanna fuck

__and don't even know it, myself

Be we can never do that

So I confuse it with love


Maybe that's what's going on

I'll lift no veil over your head

I don't believe in marriage anyway

And you're already married

So shame on me!

I can't help but know that ev'rything is wrong

So wrong

How can shit like this go on?

One more smirk

One more smile


__I'll count the miles

The papers say stories to read


But I'd rather watch them on the news

Tv. speaks words for me

You were just a dream

You showed no int'rest in me


07-20-'17 #1

D. L. Cannon

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