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"In order to live, one must die a few times" - Can't remember...

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



From the moment I was born, Change was brought about; A past long forgotten, With memories playing Hide&Seek, Still haunt me, from the days when I was weak.

Delusions of a madman, Clinging to hope for a new dawn, Struggles for nothing, Efforts unrewarded, Paths leading back, to the same home.

Nothing new, nothing strange, Just me and myself, a way of strength. Now, I will go to any length, To avoid feeling the same, That killed me then, but made me now a stronger man.

From sorrow, disbelief, Disregard and wrongly placed trust, I found it as a must, That I must stop existing, In the form of misery in a husk.

Now, I stay and contemplate. But I can't find out how, Or why, things turned this way, How different yet the same, I'm me, but now awake.

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