It Sat and Watched

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



It sat and watched with its back bent forward, its head tilted up to remain level like a common man finding the energy to get up and walk out of the break room or as if the night sky hung heavily on its shoulders. The hood around its head flapped in a sudden draft of wind and its metallic mask lit up in a yellow glow as an explosion went of in the distance.

“Why do you just watch?”

It turned its hooded head towards the cowering child who looked back at its mask, trying to imagine what was beneath, man or women, human or not. With a wince, she griped the concrete barrier she was hiding behind closer not out of reaction to the creature’s stare but from the sound of distant gunfire.

“And what else should I do?” Its voice was metallic sounding through the mask, and it did not wait for the sound of the explosion to end yet she still heard it clearly.

“Stop it,” the girl pleaded in response with a sob, “change it, you have the power, I can feel it,” she shuddered, “I can see it, you watch because you have the power.”

The creature was now standing next to her yet despite its mysterious appearance she did not feel threatened by its presence. The wind was picking up and the creatures coat moved dramatically around it.

“Yes, I have the power,” I turned away from her to continue watching.

“People are dying!” the girl sobbed again.

“Yes, they are,” the creature said regretfully.

Angry now the girl sat up straighter, swallowed another sob, and wiped her nose.

“You don’t care?”

“I do care.”

“They why don’t you do something?”

It was silent for a moment as it let its head fall towards the ground. It took a deep breath before speaking.

“What do you know of death?”

“I know it eventually happens to all of us.”

“Indeed,” the creature turned briefly in what seemed like surprise but nodded at her and turned back around, “but do you know what happens when you die?”


“Then why are you so sure it’s a bad thing?”

She was silent now as she pondered the question. For gunshots, another explosion, helicopters. She did not come up with an answer before it turned pointing behind them where the beginnings of sunrise could be seen peaking over the sunrise as if curious what was going on.

“That is why I do nothing.”

And it was gone.

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