Human Inventions

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This poem questions what purpose and meaning are and why we are always looking for them.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



We've picked apart the purpose

Playing in the background

As we discussed the meaning

Dripping from the ceiling.


Or was the paint just peeling?

That's less appealing.


Purpose isn't playful

Meaning isn't graceful.


We've tried to surmise

What gave rise

To lives,

To eyes,


To hives,

Of humanity

Expanding free

Out of trees

Into the great black yonder.


We can ponder

Why pond dirt

Can't flirt

But gave birth

To life on Earth.


There's no answer we'll get,

That means emotional shit.

Just the logic of it.


We need to find comfort in the chaos

That there is no boss,

No plan,

No rules.


Just long lengthy passionless patchwork patterns

That play out over eras,

For years and light years, near infinite,

And we are just a single stitch

Unable to truly understand it.

Much less defend it,

Claim to bend it, break it, and mend it.  


Those are just stories we tell at night

To make the dark seem light.

But none of us are right.


Universal truth is irrelevant

The hell with it.

Brains can't grasp the cosmic.


But our replacements might.

So we build and teach

And slowly put ourselves to sleep.


But I'm at peace.


My people, places, and passions

Had meaning to me while I lasted.

Even if it was all just chemicals blasting.

And neurons attaching.


The human condition is

Something we share

That nothing else will.

A beautiful bond that

Seems invisible

Because we let blood spill.


Until we understand

That we are alone in this together,

We will be divided forever.

Fighting about ideas that





Life is gorgeous

Because of the vantage from which we view it.

From a God's perspective,

We would be just some x+y = z  shit.


Purpose and meaning

Are concepts just for us,

That we debate, love, and discuss.

But they are human inventions

And I must say,

They are the best of them.


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