A cherub's Last Chance

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



The misty skies

never seemed so strange.

The thunder rolled

without pouring out the rain .

A curse of fawn

made a home at dawn.

Where the gentle voices

Whimpered their song.

An empty life

revoked my despair.

It brought my mercy

for a heart couldn't bare.

A new found love with

a kiss made of lies.

Poisoned the lips

of a Cherub's goodbye.

Time and time again.

The memories race in her head.

That summer night

where they watched

the northern lights.

Held bodies so close

it was like they were tied ..


But ,

Amidst the fever that conjured

the love .

He avenged his madness

with a witness from above.

Sorry , lost one .

Mourning sons

deprived this heart.

Now it's gone .

The treason resides

in his vapor eyes.

Leaving a trail of the

wounded behind.

Cherub lost his faith.

It meant the world

to hold a bruising faith .

Now it's just a matter of grace.

She traveled far

to the one who stole her heart .

A burning pride

broke my life apart .

In her dreams , I'm alive.

I peek through the clouds

to arrive.

Carry me home.

An aching soul

now fears to roam.

As the darkness


The light of love will arise.

She holds the one .

A man with a forgotten son .

He is shifting his pace .

For her his heart will always race.

Cherub it's your last chance.

To hold her close

and end this dance .

As he pours out his love once more.

The heavens open like a door .

Her heart is his .

He should have listened to it

a little more .

For the wasted years are all but gone.

And now they know

where they belong .

As she let's free her final cry.

For a moment ,

her dreams are alive .

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