English Journal--Entry 8

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Another entry into the English Journal of Akumakaze as I muddled through the daily life of college.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



Captain’s Log: Stardate: 2000.10.11


Through the endless space of grammar and dialogue, I’ve often wondered about the significance of it all. As we go through school learning how to speak and write properly, we sometimes wonder if it ever really matters with the ever-changing structure of the English language. Maybe, someday, it will slow down long enough to allow mankind to catch up with its evolving nature.

I can’t say that I’ll ever master the concepts of our language, but I know I’ll have a certain understanding of how it was created. Though, sometimes, I wonder why we have so many words and phrases that primarily mean the same thing. With its evolutionary path, it’s amazing that the basic structure still exists.

Moving on to today’s excursion though. Today, my crew and I found the Kling-ons necessary to complete the Dangling Modifiers in the Bad Grammar Hole. Getting in to position to attach them was quite a challenge, since we didn’t want to get sucked into that horrible abyss of terrible sentence structure. It was fun trying to repair the damage though. Next time, we’ll know better than to “run-on” in to a situation without proper backup.

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