Stella Has Vanished

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



Long limbs of a saint.

Invoke my weak restraints.

Holding the hands of time.

This moment seized is mine.

Sun kissed scars

of a battered heart.

Intertwine heaven

within the pinhole stars.

The tears at ease.

Fill my crater knees .

The temperature falls

and a vein will freeze.

Grind the ashes with a stone.

Brick by brick

I had built our home.

Where we loved so raw.

The children grew tall .

A trench of happiness

of love after all.

The vision obscured

from a pain I endured.

I woke to nothing

not a sound to be heard.

A lifeless space

where I woke to your face.

Stella has vanished

without a trace.

A ring of honor

a touch of the talon

was held by hell

on a flawless stallion .

His heart raged with hate.

His eyes bled cold jealousy .

Our life was a flash

in the light of an emerald green lantern.

That fell on the fire

That I had to crawl through to you.

He was a dead man ,

but , I have been too

since I lost her.

Now she lives in a place

that I call nowhere.

Sometimes I hear a voice

Carried in the wind outside

my temple .

It sounds like rain .

Being soaked up

by the agony of flames.

I swear to the highness .

I won't live free and righteous .

Without my love to be held

by my side at last.

The spirits

help me find my way

out of chains.

That I locked myself away

when the thief had called her name .

The last stand

was held in

the place where I can't go .

As the blood ran free,

The cost was my very soul.

Stella was mine before

I stayed alone in madness.

And now that she's gone

Her beauty and my love

has vanished .

Someday my prayer will

help this blind man see.

That I'll live in sadness

until she's brought back to me.

Until then her voice

Is Just a ...

Memory ..

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