Deep Sleep

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Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



They stare at me as if I had killed someone, I have never done such a thing. I walked away, but they followed me. I walked to the large fountain, in the middle of the city. "NO, NO, NO I TELL YOU THE TRUTH," I yelled out but they just got closer and closer, so close I had to get inside the fountain. But they kept getting closer, and closer. "STOP!!" I yelled out. Soon they ripped me apart, I was torn to pieces, but I was still alive!. I seemed to be in a ghost form, I was floating above the ground, and I felt free and light. I flew up into the sky and flew around. I flew past skyscrapers and I flew past cars and taxies. I flew past stores and restaurants. It was funny, no one could see me but I could see them. I decided to land on the ground and I saw a giant black hole in the middle of the street. And it seemed to be sucking me into it, and it did. I flew inside the black hole, for a moment nothing happened, then I felt a cold feeling, it was colder than the winter air. Then I felt a dark presence, then I was crushed by something, and the feeling a freedom felt me and I had the same feeling from before. The feeling of darkness and pandemonium. I started to feel the heat and foreordain. Then I saw a pit of fire and I was slowly falling into it. Then I was about to touch the fire, but something happened. I saw a bright light above my head then I was lifted up and taken fastly to the light then I was taken to a place full of light and clouds. Then I was sat down and I saw angles. But I did not stay long I was sent back to earth and I fell back into my body which was lying in bed. "What I strange dream," I said then I got up and greeted the morning. 


(I just sat down and this is what came out)

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