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madi has been having problems with friends, family and her "love life", her whole world is crumbling right in front of her eyes, is there anything to save everyone she loves from disappearing?

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



I walked into skate north on wednesday after sleeping in till like three in the afternoon. I was still scared of Destiny and Cheyenne -your ex best freinds-, thinking they we’re ready to spread more rumors, but I didn’t want to be the pushover that they wanted me to be. They were waiting for the smallest possibility to call me out or spread a rumor, but I was ready…

Sitting there at skate north, with Abby and Nicky -your new best friends-, I had been waiting for about ten minutes for -y/c-, the hottest guy that goes there. He was transgender, but that didn’t stop me from liking him. He walked in and we ran up to each other and embraced each other very tightly, he looked me in the eyes and asked “you good? Are they here?” he was talking about Destiny and Cheyenne. Yes, they were, and no, I wasn’t ‘good’ but there was no reason to worry -y/c-, so I said “I think I saw them over by the skate rentals, but you know I’m fine, let’s just skate and forget them.” He looked over at the skate rentals, trying to spot them, but quickly brushed it off his shoulders, he grabbed my hand then -y/c-, Abby, Nicole and I all went skating out on the floor. After -y/c- and I got all sweaty and hot, we sat down at our table and he was nice enough to buy me a pretzel, he even paid an extra fifty cents for salt on it, we sat down across from each other and devoured that pretzel. -y/c- got up to throw away our plate and go to the bathroom. After only a few moments of being alone, I looked over to see Destiny and Cheyenne making their way towards me. I quickly braced myself, I had to be ready for anything. They reached my table and Cheyenne said “hey, bitch…” I rolled my eyes at her, just wanting them to go away. I looked over and said “sigh’ what do you two want…?” Destiny’s eyes did some weird focus thing on me and she said “I still can’t believe you don’t have ANY friends.” I looked her in the face, making sure not to sound doubtful or hesitant, and I said “oh please, I have enough friends to get me past school, without you annoying the shit out of me, I should be fine.” Her face blew up with anger and Cheyenne sunk away, scared of Destiny’s rage, Destiny put one hand on the table, the other on the outside of the bench, she got in my face and said “I will tell every single secret of yours until you are so miserable…” I returned her glare and I got closer and said “till i’m as miserable as you? Please Destiny, go and bother someone who gives a shit.” I turned away from her, hoping she would just walk away. She grabbed my chin and pulled my head up till I was looking at her, she was about to speak before -y/c- skated up, as fast as lightning and pulled Destiny’s hand away from my face and said “hey, what are you doing?” He was completely calm, no fear nor anger, just confidence. Destiny looked a bit confused and she said “why do you care…? Do you even know Madison?” -y/c-, his expression not changing, he said “yeah, I happen to know her pretty damn well, and I know exactly who you are too, so I suggest you leave it be… you don’t want to piss ME off…” Destiny’s face screwed up in anger and confusion, she finally whipped around, not looking back, her and Cheyenne returned to their seats. -y/c-, sat down next to me, squeezing me into the seat, he wrapped his arms around me and started whispering reassuring things into my ear, like “it’s fine” and “i’m here now” and “I won’t ever leave you with them again…” I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I let my tears fall, I let out a sob and -y/c- helped me out of the seat gingerly, he lead me to the corner by the shaped seats on the other side of the room. We stood there hugging as I sobbed into his chest, after a few minutes, my head hurt with all the pressure it took to let my tears fall. I stopped crying, but we didn’t stop clinging to each other. Finally -y/c- slowly slipped his arms from around me and rested his hands on my hips, he bent down and said “are you okay?” He had such sincerity in his voice, I just had to be okay. I looked up after wiping my wet and gross face off, -y/c- wiped away a stray tear that I had missed. I giggled and said “yeah… i’m okay now, thank you…” -y/c- grinned at me and said “no problem, I don’t like seeing you sad.” he pulled my head closer and he kissed my forehead. My heart rate shot up to a million times a minute, and I felt heat flush my whole body, starting with my face and neck and then spreading out to everywhere else. -y/c- hugged me for just one more second before quickly leading me to the skating rink, I almost fell many times, thinking  wow… he kissed me… I almost felt like I was floating after him, I was totally, utterly and almost literally falling for him.

I was skating with him, hand and hand, when some bitch almost tripped me from behind, I went to fall forward, but like a flash, -y/c- was there to catch me, he skated me over to the side and said “damn, you seem to like being in my arms today or something.” he meant it as a joke, but the truth was, I really did like it. I just clung in his arms, breathing in his scent, never wanting to let go. -y/c- grabbed my arms and stood me a few inches away so he could look me in the eyes easier. He said “Madi… what’s on your mind, you seem to need me for something… is something else going on? Like something I don’t know?” I wanted to tell him how much a craved his touch, how bad I wanted him to crave me back. I said “ok -y/c-… I would need to tell you in private, so if I end up crying, and you’re not there, people won’t see me…” -y/c- face for the first time tonight looked slightly concerned.

He didn’t say a word as he lead me off the floor and onto the bench by the foosball table. I looked him in the eyes before talking, just in case it was the last time I could do so. I took a deep breath then said “-y/c-… I have feelings for you… like… I like you more than a friend…” -y/c- looked down in his lap, and his mouth curved up a bit.  What?? Did he just frackin smile??? -y/c- grabbed my hand with his, without looking up, he said “Madi… I didn’t know you felt this way… If I had known, I would have confessed earlier too.” My face went blank and I thought  Wait what… what does THAT mean…? -y/c-, as though reading my mind said “yeah… I like you too…” those words. -I-LIKE-YOU-TOO-, they made no sense to me… nothing at all, I couldn’t think what so ever, I saw him holding my hands and his eyes searching my face, and it all confused me. -y/c-, reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into an embrace, and finally everything made sense, everything that hadn’t made sense the last month or so, it all clicked, it’s as if right there in that moment, my world revolved around him. I hugged him back, feeling as though my heart was in his arms. -y/c- pulled back and looked me in the eyes, his eyes were sparkling white and blue, like the whole galaxy was being held in himself. He stood up and offered me his hand and said “ready to skate? I want to show you a new trick that i’m working on.” I stand up, instincts telling me to follow him closely, when we got onto the floor, he did a full on spin and glided on one wheel, he put one foot in the air as he spun back around to face me, so he was gliding backward on one foot. I smiled and laughed, I started slow clapping then sped up to complete unequal hand slapping. -y/c- giggled himself, showing his beautiful grin. I skated faster till I caught up with him, he pulled me into his arms, and turned me backwards, he was leading me. I couldn’t see behind me, all I could see was him, but thats all I needed to see to glide, to fly, to skate. He slowly turned his arms to the right, which turned me left, we glided around the rink a few times like that, just staring into each other’s eyes, just taking in all of each other’s grace.

-y/c- started slowing us down, we were going so slow... till I lightly bumped my back on the wall. We were still holding on to each others arms, -y/c- slid one of his hands down to my waist, and the other hand up to the back of my head. I was clueless, I didn’t care though, I just knew that it was all for him, the one I had fallen for. He leaned in, and I instinctively tilted my head, I still didn’t understand what was happening, but being in his arms, it didn’t matter, I just wanted to stay there forever. Before I even tried to comprehend what we were doing, our lips met. I felt electricity flow through me, I gripped -y/c- waist tight, and -y/c- deepened the kiss. He pulled away to breath and he looked at me, giving me a look that i’d never been given before. I blushed in his arms, not knowing what to do next. He quickly removed his hand from my waist, and entwined our fingers instead. He skated off, no warning given, dragging me a few feet from the wall, I quickly caught up with him, he is a much better skater than me, I was thankful for his hand, without it, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with him otherwise. -y/c- pulled me up and I was in front of him again, but this time, he threw me forward, I was skating at full fledged speed without -y/c- hand, I was about to panic, but -y/c- grabbed me again, he spun us around so I was clinging to him from behind. He skated off the rink and I finally let go, but as soon as I tried racing him to the table, he grabbed my waist by both sides and pulled me back, he then turned it into a hug. I giggled and squirmed as his hair tickled my neck. I couldn’t take it anymore, I turned around and jumped up on him. -y/c- grabbed my legs and held me there, I clung to his neck and he smiled. I smiled and blushed back, realizing that we were in an awkward position. -y/c- giggled and put me down gently so I wouldn’t trip and fall on my skates. I skated with him up to my seat where Nicole and Abby were sitting. Abby motioned for me to get closer to her, she must’ve had something to tell me.


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