They Weren't Gray

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Tucker reveals to Roger the truth of his alien abduction.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



The sun was setting as Tucker inhaled the last of his cigarette before flicking it onto the ground. He sat atop his truck’s hood with Roger, like always, wearing their cowboy hats and flannel clothes.

Roger’s hand rested on Tucker’s as the two stared at the disappearing sun. A wind brushed the tops of the cereal crops below them across their hung legs. Tucker looked down into the crops for a quick second, then back up at the beautiful red and purple sky above.

“They weren’t gray like everyone said they would be,” Tucker said.

Roger turned and looked at him. “What?”

“I said, they weren’t gray like everyone said they were.” Tucker swallowed. “I saw the truth.”

Roger stared at Tucker who continued to focus on the sky. “Tucker, I told you we didn’t have to talk about this if you didn’t want to.”

“Well, I want to. You should know what happened, Roger. You might be next… a-and I’ve been having nightmares about it… I just want you to know the truth. It's bugging me.” He looked at Roger. “You ought to know.”

“You don’t have to share anything with me, Tuck… Besides, you should go to a doctor if you’re having nightmares.”

Tucker pulled his hand from Roger’s. “What doctor would care, Rog? Huh? Hundreds of us have been abducted and the news has said nothing of anyone else having nightmares. Let’s just say, for your sake, that I went to the doctors. What would I even say to them? I saw something in the sky and the next thing I know I’m getting a finger up my ass? I’m not the only one, Rog.”

“I didn’t say you were—”

“—These same doctors of yours may have been abducted too. Except, when it comes to me for those perverted freaks, the next question they’d ask would be something like, ‘Well, did you like it?’ They’d think I got some sexual thrill out of it.”

Roger looked into Tucker’s eyes. “Well, did you like it?”

Tucker couldn’t help but smile. “No. No, I did not. I wish I did. Gosh, I wish.”

The two look off back at the sun. Tucker and Roger locked hands again.

“What color were they?” Roger asked. “If not gray, then what?”

Tucker looked back down at the crops below.

 “Just tell me what happened, Tuck. I’m here for you.” Roger overdramatically looked around the crop-full area. “Look around! No doctors in sight! I promise.”

Tucker chuckled, then sighed. “They were arguing about something I couldn’t understand when I woke up. I was lying on a steel table attached to an x-ray machine. I looked up and I saw them… They looked like us. Longer bodies though, slimmer and taller. Longer fingers… There were three of them. Two guys and a girl. One of the guys was muscular. Handsome feller, I ain’t gonna lie. The other two were kinda nerdy with hunched shoulders and clipboards in their hands… and then I saw the suits. Those big-headed gray suits were hanging on a wall. They took them off the hangers and put them on while they argued. I closed my eyes and laid back down before they noticed me. Then they got to work. They plucked my nose a few times and I opened my eyes, pretending that I just woke up… They had on the suits and… It was weird, Rog. It was just weird.”

Roger examined Tucker. “Why do you think they chose you?”

Tucker shrugged. “Why did they choose any of us? I’m just stuck on why everyone else said they were going to be gray. I can’t be the only one who woke up early… And there must be a reason that they wear those costumes… Maybe it’s to scare us, or not show how similar we actually are, or… I just don’t know. Rog, they’re just like us.”

“I believe you, Tucker, but you know that sounds improbable. They’re from another planet. It’s uncanny for us to be alike. For two groups of beings to evolve in similar ways and one to be more advanced than the other yet look almost the same… that just sounds improbable.”

“We’ve been looking for a planet like ours to go to for the longest time and we finally find theirs. Earth. It would make sense for a planet so similar to ours to come across a similar chain of events.” Tucker shrugs. “Not a lot of sense… but history does repeat itself.”


“They told me that up there. In our language. They said there will come a time when we do the same to someone else… I wonder how many others they’ve told that to. I wonder if they knew I was awake the whole time…” Tucker turned to Roger. “You’ll be up to go soon. I think they’re just taking everyone, one at a time. Just probing us and using x-ray machines to see our insides and finding out what we are like. They’re not that much different, they’re just smarter.”

“But why take up so many people?” Roger asked.

“Maybe they don’t like what they’re finding. Maybe they are looking for variation. If that’s the case, I know that they’re not going to like what they find.”

“And what do you think they’re going to find?”

“That we’re like them.” Tucker looked up at the skies above. “They’re not gray, Roger. And neither are we.”

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