A Book at Da Beach

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This was a short story I wrote based on a writing prompt. What happens when a book goes to the beach and is lost? This story is written from the book's perspective.
I appreciate any and all comments and feedback. :)

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



I have been laying on this end table for a very long time. Every time my owner said she was going to read something, she would bypass me and pick up a funny-looking box thing. She claimed she read all sorts of wonderful books on it, but I can’t understand that. It’s not a book like me.

One hot day, she finally picked me up. “I have been saving you for a day like today! You are perfect for this place!” As she dropped me into a big canvas bag, I couldn’t help but gloat at the black rectangle that was now being abandoned on the coffee table.  It wasn’t so special now, was it? I was going to provide my owner entertainment at an important location where the stupid thing couldn’t go! I landed upon something soft next to a tube. Happy day!

Awhile later, I emerged out of the bag into bright sunlight. There were voices coming from all directions. There was another sound that was a little fainter than the talking. Perhaps she was lending me out? I wished she would have read me first, before doing that!

My concern faded as she settled on a long piece of cloth and opened up my cover. I was so grateful that she was finally going to enjoy the story nestled within my pages. Ten pages in, twenty in, thirty in!

Oh, what’s this? She’s setting me down again on the soft cloth. Whoa! I’m shifting sideways into a crater. Just as I start to relax, I slide again as she gets up and runs off into an endless blue monstrosity that swallows her up!

My owner is gone! Even worse, she’s barely made a dent in the story!  As I sit in my divit, rough particles fly up onto me as other people ran past me. The thing I’m lying on starts to cave and I find myself partially buried into the tan substance that those runners sprayed onto me. Panic sets in. Even if my girl comes back, will she be able to find me?

As I wait helplessly, the noise and light around me fade. A funny looking creature comes up to me through the strange substance I was buried in. It had tiny eyes, a spiral shape on its back, and a large pincer on the tip of a leg. It crawled towards me sideways and stared. It reached towards my delicate pages with the pincer and frayed one of my edges.

Oh, I wish I could make it stop! Where was my owner? Couldn’t she stop this evil little beast from hurting me? Oh, I was beginning to wish she had left me on that end table! I might have been forgotten, but at least I wouldn’t have been lost in this quagmire being attacked by this awful thing!

Just as quickly as it had come, it left me alone in the dark. A different sound caught my attention.  It was getting louder and louder. What was coming now? A larger beast?  The roar became louder still. The stuff that imprisoned me started to change form. At spots it seemed to become more solid, whereas some of the stuff that buried me swept right off. But as it did, I felt one of my corners become wet! It was water I heard! The giant blue monstrosity from earlier was threatening to swallow me up just as it did my owner!

Woes be me! All I had wanted was to be read by my owner! It was my duty, the reason I had been created, to give a person joy! And now I was trapped in the beige beady substance, attacked by creatures, and threatened to be swallowed up!

Time went painfully slow. Eventually light started to brighten the sky again! At first it was such a deep blue, it was almost still black. After a little bit, it changed to a slate, and then to a light gray with hints of yellow and orange. The giant ball emerged, setting the sky ablaze with gold and red. I was still stuck, but it was a glorious sight! Someone could have easily read me by that light!

It seemed like another eternity, but the familiar sounds of people assailed my senses. Was my owner back? Please, please rescue me! My excitement grew as a long cloth like the one my owner had used was stretched out next to me. I heard voices, happy and excited!

I wished I had legs and lungs so I could grab their attention! Instead, I lay forgotten and wounded only a short distance away. I gave up hope of ever being noticed.

A young voice caught my attention. It was so close! After a second, I felt myself pulled from my prison. “Mom! Mom! Isn’t this book you wanted? I found it!” My ride to one of the long cloth pieces was bumpy but a welcome relief. I found myself deposited into larger hands.

“Where did you find this?”

“In the sand. Is it ruined, Mom?”

“No, no. Just a little worn and sandy.” The person carefully brushed me off. “Oh my, I thought I would have to scour the bookstores to find this one.”

It wasn’t my owner, but I was glad to be free of those horrors. I hoped fervently that I would not be cast aside again. I was amazed to feel my front cover open. This person started to read me! Don’t drop me again! Can you give me back to my owner?

A while later, I was surprised to realize that this person had read almost halfway through me. That was more than my owner had ever read me! I felt the cover being closed and panic set in! No! Don’t stop! Don’t leave me!

Moments later, I was gently slid into a bag and hoisted over a shoulder. “I do not know what happened to you little book, but you deserve more than to be abandoned here on this beach,” the woman’s voice said softly.

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