Short Letter For Twenty One Pilots

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I just try to write short letter for twenty one pilots :) because they inspire me a lot :) they'll never know this :'( but i write this sincerely :) hope you like it frens :)

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Dear Twenty One Pilots :*

First,I just can say thank you so much you've changed me to be better anymore :* your music has changed my mind about music , i used to think that music just to be listened to not to be felt and now i'm wrong music can be heal bad thoughts from mind :) and i did it :) i can waste my bad thoughts as far as possible through your music :)

Second, thank you tyler and josh :* you always brighten up my days with your smiles :) when i watch your vine videos i feel happy, you both arent only a band but you both are true entertainers for me :)

Third, you both will never see this :'( but it's ok i'm quite happy get to know you :)

Fourth, i'm still hoping you both will come to my country indonesia :'( i'm still waiting :'(

Fifth, Do you know ? because of loving you i get many friends from the whole world i can learn english well because of them :) that's why i try to write this letter by using english not indonesian :) one more, they also accompany me when i'm alone :)

Sixth, i have no longer words to say except thank you so much twenty one pilots for coming to my life :* i promise i'll always show everything that relate to you to others in order to they know that you both deserve to get more attention :) i hope you'll always be humble, make good music, and always love your fans :)

thanks for reading this :) i'm sorry if you find mistakes in writing because i'm still learning writing and english as well :) i'll be glad if you leave comment here or correcting my writing and my english :) it will improve my capability :)

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