What Community Theater Has Taught Me

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Community Theater, and the life long lessons it teaches, are as essential as academics in the schools.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



What Community Theater Has Taught Me


In these days of budget cuts more and more I hear of non-essential programs such as drama in schools  cut and referred to as  non-essential services.  I strongly disagree.  Theatre is essential.  The lessons I learned on that stage and off, have stayed with me now even as an adult. I learned that sometimes the best drama goes on behind the scenes.  A lesson that is put to good use as a fiction writer.

I learned that no matter how big your role, on the stage or in life, you are never too big to push a broom if that’s what needs to be done. This is a lesson, that has ingrained into my family life to this day.  Whatever writing opportunity comes up, large or small, I take.  If my articles or books need editing I do that too.  You do what needs to be done.  Never complain, always do.

All of those carpentry, mechanical and electrical type people that make the lights, special effects  and stage props? They are just as essential as the star of the show. Otherwise people would be acting in a dark empty stage. No different in the real world, every job matters. We all belong, we are all equals, and we are all amazing.

If you take the time to listen, people have the most amazing stories to tell, often during stage breaks. I can’t tell you how many times a seed of an article or story has begun for me simply because I have taken the time to listen to people. 

Hearing the words you wrote spoken on stage is one the most thrilling feelings ever. For me even now the sharing of my work is one of the highlights of my career.  It’s as if in the sharing, the words sail off of the page and into people’s very souls.  That human connection makes the sharing memorable and the writing worthwhile.

Passion is more important than talent. You may be in the chorus but happy is happy and shine where you are. No I am not on the bestseller list and do not have my Pulitzer yet, although that is a long term goal of mine.  What is more important is that my stories matter, my words matter. I know that every time someone in the community stops me to tell me they loved what I wrote.  And I think I loved wrting it.  When you share your passion, your true passion, without worrying about anything else, that is when talent, I’ve discovered, often starts shining  through.

Everyone has a place in this world of finding that place is wonderful. Whether its with a community theatre troupe, with other writers, or someplace else entirely, we all are a puzzle piece, looking for our puzzle.  There is no better feeling than finding the place where your piece fits. 

 Academics in school are essential, no doubt.  However so are the arts. The arts that teach us passion and creativity, and lessons that will stay with us for a lifetime. 

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