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A surprise visit to her boyfriend 's place leads to passionate afternoon.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017




The moment she laid eyes on him, or the day they first spoke; their first date or the first of everything which happened to be the same day, when did she fall for him? She could never point out the day or the moment, all that mattered to her was she was in love. Crazily, stupidly head over heels kinda love. It was not her, to be so dependant on someone else for her happiness, not her to be so addicted to someone and yet it happened and maybe thats when she realised what love was. She could hardly pass a moment without thinking of him. Every waking moment was spent with him, be it being next to him, or talking to him on the phone or texting him or just thinking of him, it was always him. She hated being so helplessly in love but there was nothing she could do about it, and he wasn't helping her in anyways, being lovely as he was and adoring her like no one else had ever. The glow on her face had still not vanished from the first time they made love.

So it was kinda difficult for her to just to text him good morning and then shut off completely. She did not reply to any of his msgs, and he fell asleep waiting for her msgs. But she wasn't worried that he would be sad or angry, not after what he was going to be given today.

She got ready, which was a tiresome work in itself, draping a saree was never her forte'. She had wore it a very few times, and even lesser times to office, no one could deny she looked beautiful in it but nevertheless she didn't seem to like it so much. She could turn heads around with just her eyes, she didn't need a fancy saree or the trouble of carrying it throughout a day just for a few head turns, but she would do it. Do it for him. He had never looked at her from close in a saree. They were in a "just gazing phase" when she had wore saree to the office. She walked over a little way and caught a cab, noticing the number of eyes turning back to look at her, she chuckled to herself knowing she would be appreciated a lot today. Her mind wandered to the first few weeks of when she first met him. Quick glances over his desk, and then once he started noticing her glances there was no stopping. They started sharing a look everytime they could without being noticed, and after a long wait she gave him her number and started it off. Even to this day she wondered, would anything have happened if she'd not taken the initiative. She didn't want to know. She didn't want a world where they didn't know each other. On their first date, he picked her up, they had juice at a juice bar (so his roommate could go out) and then went to his place. She had insisted that she didn't want to go anywhere else and she was fine just being with him. She wondered how she never felt it weird or scary being alone with him for the first time. But she knew she never could do anything that she didn't want to do, it was her choice. They came home, spoke about movies and work and known friends, all the while bridging the gap between them physically. He played a movie and they watched the movie holding hands, in the next few moments they shared their first kiss, which slowly led to them sharing their bodies. She knew right then, they belonged together.

Her stomach feeling funny and her heart flying out of her chest she came back to the present. She got down from the cab and walked towards his place. She noticed a few men actually leering at her, she quickened her steps and got to his place. He would be fast asleep, not expecting anyone to be waking him up now other than boring marketers. She knocked on the door, no noise from inside, he had pulled the curtain over the windows to avoid sunlight, she knocked again and listened closely, the ruffling of the sheets, and she knocked again. She knew, he would be cursing as he was waking up and was thrilled to see his reaction. He opened the door, and there she stood, his beautiful angel, his love looking ravishing in her red saree, he died his eyes, unable to believe, confused if it was a dream or was she really in front of him, looking at him with curious eyes. She pushed him in, and went inside. She locked the door and stood before him. His eyes still not leaving hers, he was mesmerised. Loving every bit of her and every second of the moment. He fell for her right then, well actually fell for her a second time, realising he will never fall out of it.

She couldn't stop herself anymore, looking at his adoring eyes was all it took, she grabbed him into a kiss. His tongue tasting her mouth, with the passion building inside he broke from the kiss. "I want to admire you a little more", he said pushing her hands back. He trailed his hands around her body, her shoulders, her arms, swiped his fingers over her full breasts, he tugged her hips and fell down on his knees hugging her shape and kissing his way through her stomach, her navel and buried his face between her legs. She removed the saree from her top, he stopped her saying, " let me do that", and got up. He removed the pallu, staring into her eyes, let it down and held her breasts. The blouse was a perfect fit, it hug her body and revealed the fullness of her breasts. He started removing the clasps of it a bit clumsily, with the madness going on in his mind. He removed her bra with a bit more grace, given he was experienced in it. He gave her nipples a kiss each and bit them a little to see her twitch.

He got down on his knees again, holding her hips and rubbing his face on her abdomen. He removed the saree and her under skirt with a pull and hugged her tight, prying his face into her panty covered skin as if he could find a portal to get into her. Her hands kept holding his hair tight, showing all her passion in the intense grips. He removed her panty, trying not to show his haste, he kissed her down, enchanted by her smell. There was nothing ever so sweet to him then, she moaned with the hit of pleasure. She tried to push him off feeling shy, but he held her tight. The air made her naked body shiver a little, his warm hands down on her pussy gave her goose bumps, she wanted his hug his warmth all over her. But he had a different idea. He felt her wetness, always ready for him. He made her sit on the couch, stretched her legs open, he sat down amazed at the view of her womanhood. Moist and supple, just waiting to be explored. He put his fingers inside, and caressed her clit, she sighed, biting her lips. He pulled her to the edge of the couch, held her butt cheeks and kissed her pussy lips. He licked her insides, he kissed and bit her clit softly, all the while squeezing her butt. Her nails bored into his shoulders, unable to control herself. He put his tongue deep into her and played with her clit using his fingers. She moaned in pleasure, held onto his hair even more tight not wanting him to stop. She put her legs on his shoulders, giving him more access. He thrust his fingers deep now, licking her sweet flower, sucking her juices and she let go of herself, twitching and her body writhing with pleasure she lay down, her breasts heaving, up and down with her breathing. A heavenly sight for him. He laid down next to her, whispering, I love you over and over.

She got up, coming out from the trance of her orgasm. Trailed her hands on his body, felt his manhood stiff in his boxers, she lay on him triailing kisses all over his body, pushing his hands away, asking not to touch her. She came down, removed his boxers, amazed at the girth of his phallus. She stroked it and gave it little kiss and it stood even more erect, making her glad. She sat up on him, guiding it into her. She felt the tip deep into her, and started rocking her body, rhythmically. His hands came up to touch her breasts, she pushed them away again, motioning him not to touch. She was in control now. His work was done. She locked eyes with him, bit her lips which made him arouse more if that was possible. She touched her breasts, she squeezed them both, still rocking her hips, thrusting more hard now. He could barely take all this, seeing her touch herself made him go berserk. She teased him as much as she could, playing with her nipples and moaning as much as she could. He joined her in her rythm. He sighed and started to thrust from his side. She moved her hands down to her vagina, played with her clit sending both of them over the edge and he rocked him self more hard joining her movements and then both let go, climaxing, their breaths matching. She lay down on him, kissing his lips, playing with his tongue. A hard kiss worth the day that it was. They lay, arms in arms, reliving the moments. Wondering what was it that drove him nuts today, Was it the saree or what lay beneath the saree, and at the moment it was both.

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