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something that the depressed people understand

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017





I’m falling deeper with each breath,

A handful of pills won’t numb the pain,

I sit in a corner and cry, will it ever stop?

I watch with blue blurry eyes as those I love die,

And those I hate gain more with each downfall I have,

Make it stop!

I beg to god but he just turns away frowning, goodbye,

I can feel myself fading slowly but the pain becomes worse,

I hear the laughter of those who watch me fade,

I grab a knife my only friend who won’t laugh at me,

It stops now!

The pain became worse then faded with one cut, I was fading,

What have I done, it stopped,

The pain, the anger, the hurt, but blood seeped,

It flowed freely, I let it,

It’s faded, I’m fading, and the world disappeared, goodbye,

I was free I felt alive, I faded out then faded back but to reality but death,

I was free no pain and all it took was a little blood a lot of change,

And the fade out of life and into death, I faded.



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