The Dinosaur Trip

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Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Alizay absolutely loved dinosaurs. Her favourite things to do were; playing with her toy dinosaurs, watching them on the TV or at the cinema and reading about them in books.

Alizay was really excited today though, because today was the day that Mummy and Daddy were taking her for a trip on the train to the big museum. Mummy and Daddy had told Alizay that there would be so much to see and do at the museum, but the most interesting thing of all was that there was going to be the real-life skeleton of a T-Rex! Alizay couldn't wait to see for herself how big the dinosaurs that lived on Earth all those millions of years ago really were.

After getting off the train with Mummy and Daddy, Alizay felt as though the long walk to the museum was never going to end. How many different shops, restaurants and cars were they going to have to walk past until she got to see the T-Rex?

When they finally arrived outside the museum, Alizay looked up and saw just how big the museum was.

"If the museum is THIS big, just imagine how big the dinosaur that they keep inside there is going to be!" Alizay said to Mummy.

After Daddy paid for the tickets with the money from his wallet and they walked into the big entrance of the museum, Mummy asked a question.

"Ok darling, what would you like to go and see first? We can go and see the giant whale skeleton, or maybe the butterfly collection?"

But Alizay didn't want to see the whale, or the butterflies, or even the really old things from Ancient Egypt. She wanted to make sure that the first thing they saw today was the most important thing of all.

"Mummy, can we go and see the dinosaurs please? The T-Rex first!"

"Of course we can Alizay. We can go and see whatever you'd like!" she replied.

As they turned the corner and made their way towards the place on the museum map where the dinosaur was pictured, Alizay saw a HUGE queue, with lots and lots of people waiting to see the dinosaur too!

"DADDY!!! Look how many other people are already waiting to see the dinosaur!" she cried, "We will be waiting ALL DAY to see the T-Rex with a queue that big!"

Looking down at Alizay, Daddy calmly said to her, "Don't worry Alizay, it probably looks a lot longer than it actually is- and look, it's moving already so I'm sure we won't have to wait long at all."

This definitely made Alizay feel better, and just like Daddy said, the line to see the dinosaur wasn't too long at all, and before she knew it, they were entering the same room as the T-Rex.

Alizay was so excited that she let go of Mummy's hand to run up and get a close look at the huge dinosaur, and it really was as big as it had looked in all the television programmes and films about dinosaurs she had seen before!

But something was wrong, because when Alizay turned around, she could no longer see Mummy or Daddy.

"MUMMY... DADDY... WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T SEE YOU!" she screamed.

As they ran around the museum looking for Mummy and Daddy, suddenly Alizay realised just how far they had travelled from the Dinosaur section, and now she was stranded right next to a huge BLUE WHALE with no sign of them whatsoever!

There was only one thing Alizay could think to do in order to find Mummy and Daddy though; and with one deep breath in, Alizay did her very best dinosaur impression.


And guess what? It worked!

Just as she finished the giant roar, Mummy and Daddy ran up to Alizay,

"Alizay thank goodness we have found you!" Mummy said. "We don't know what happened but somehow we lost you! Are you ok my darling?"

Standing up tall and looking at Mummy, Alizay said "Of course I am ok Mummy. I managed to find you and Daddy with my T-Rex ROOAAARRR!"

By the time Alizay, Mummy and Daddy made it back to see the T-Rex all together, the museum was nearing closing time, which was absolutely amazing because it meant they got to enjoy the dinosaur exhibition completely to themselves!

Alizay couldn't wait to show everyone her dinosaur roar that helped her find Mummy and Daddy at school on Monday.

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