The Eventful Friday Night

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Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Alizay was the most excited she had ever been when she got home from school last Friday.

Alizay had been looking forward to taking a trip with mummy to the local toy shop ever since she got the brilliant news last Saturday, and now the day was finally here! Alizay was going to buy a brand new cuddly Cat toy with her pocket money to add to the huge collection in her bedroom.

If that wasn't exciting enough, Alizay's mummy had also promised that she could choose anything at all to eat for dinner once they got home that night. Of course, that only meant one thing in the Harry household... it would be Pizza and Ice Cream on the menu tonight!

After rushing out of the school gates and meeting mummy outside, Alizay could barely contain her excitement as they made the 20-minute drive to the toy store in the centre of town. Alizay kept herself busy by singing along with mummy to all her favourite songs and counting as many cars as she could on the other side of the road. she had counted almost 100 different cars in all different colours by the time mummy parked the car.

But Alizay knew straight away that something wasn't right.

This wasn't the toy shop she normally went to with mummy. This was a completely different place that Alizay had never ever been to before. It was definitely a toy shop though, because Alizay could see lots and lots of teddy bears and hundreds of cuddly animal toys lined up in the window. Alizay thought that each toy looked amazing, but she knew that there was only one kind of cuddly toy that would be right for her.

As they walked into the shop, Alizay saw exactly the toy she wanted. It was absolutely perfect and precisely what she had been dreaming about bringing home since last Saturday when she found out they'd be going to the toy shop.

Without even asking mummy if it was ok, Alizay picked up the cuddly Cat and began walking - well, more like running - towards the tills at the front of the toy shop. Mummy smiled and asked Alizay if she was 100% sure that the cuddly Cat was the one she wanted. She may only have been 7 years old, but Alizay had never been as sure of anything before in her life.

When mummy paid for the new cuddly Cat toy with her precious pocket money, Alizay was so happy that she thought she might burst ... which made what happened next so much worse!

After leaving the toy store, Alizay thought that mummy had taken the box that the shopkeeper had packed the cuddly toy in and put it in the boot of the car, but she was horrified to learn that, once they arrived home, it was nowhere to be seen! The boot of the car was empty. It was a complete mystery.

Alizay was so upset that even her favourite dinner of Pizza and Ice Cream couldn't cheer her up. Even when mummy said that she would phone the toy shop the next day to see if anyone had found the cuddly Cat, Alizay wasn't cheered up at all.

Just as she was getting ready for bed that night, Alizay heard Daddy get home from work.

After running downstairs to share the story of how sad she was feeling, Alizay was both shocked and extremely happy to see that her Daddy was holding a box from the same toy shop earlier.

How did Daddy have the cuddly toy Cat?

As she opened the box, Alizay saw the toy that she had picked out just a few hours earlier.

"You found it Daddy!" Alizay said.

"Found it?" Daddy asked. "I bought this as a present for you on my way home from work. I know how much you love Cats!"

Mummy started to laughed and told Daddy that Alizay had picked exactly the same toy in the shop earlier after school, but that it had gotten lost on the way home.

"Well" said Daddy, "we'll track that one down tomorrow and then you'll have two cuddly Cat toys won't you?" He smiled and picked Alizay up for a big cuddle. Daddy gave the best cuddles.

When mummy phoned the toy shop the next day, Alizay's first toy Cat had been handed in by a lady who had found the box in the car park. The lady said she had seen Alizay's mummy driving away with the box on the roof of the car the day before and it had fallen off! The mystery was solved and mummy picked the toy up from the shop that day.

Alizay learnt two very important lessons from the eventful Friday night. she knew now how important special items were, and that they should be looked after properly and that the next time she got worried, that Mummy and Daddy would always be around to offer love and help, and that was even MORE important that any present!


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