broken family

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my family used to be a real family but even now as im older and I have a child im afraid for him to be raised in this family

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017




Broken family


Do you care?

Do you see our pain?

Can you see the tears and hear our cries?


There are two, a girl and a boy,

A mother and a father.

A family?


A broken one?


How did this happen?

A boy of ten, a girl of five,

No true mother or father,

Mother working hard every day to keep us fed,

A father with a job,

Home early, a family we once were.

A man of 22, a girl of 17,

No mom or dad,

She works early morning to night, no family dinner

He works all day and rarely comes home,

Only a mother and a father they are,

What once were a mom and dad are no longer,

Alone, hurt, angry, the girl became,

Uncaring in his own world, the boy is,

Where is the “I love you” daily,

“Why am I like this?” she asks,

Because we weren’t good parents and we were never there for you,

Drugs were normal for her, a needle and thread to her ripped heart,


She had nothing else, no real friends no family when you have nothing where do you turn?

You turn on yourself and fade,

Slowly the depression takes over then the bad thoughts then the suicide trials,

The world becomes gray to beautiful eyes and clod licked in her once warm heart,

She has lost everything but gained much, she found love within the loneliness the cold no longer hurt her but warmed and comforted her,

She lives with numbed love and emotions only showed when essential, to look an act normal, happy,

She was never happy, only smiled when it rained, her last happy trigger,

She wore a mask to shield the hurt from prying eyes an chained her heart to solid ice,

It never melted,

She dreams of happiness, and remembers a time when happy was only just that,

She never dreamed of this life,

She never dreamed of a ruined family,

Never wanted a broken family.









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