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for everyone who knows how this is we need to stand up and take charge an save kids who need to be saved.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017





I’ve heard their story’s and felt their pain, were the same,

I listen with a bleeding heart and open ears,

I cry for those who haven’t truly lived in their years,

I feel ones pain to the scorching memory of one’s past,


I go home to it as they do, I feel their pain and sadness,

I cry for those who have worse an yet a family who cares,

What is worse for a child an infant to bare?

Some ask “what is family?” I tell them I do not know,

Sympathetic looks and sadden faces of those happy,

Who have heard our story and heed our pain,

What do I give to those who have tried yet failed and killed?

Not a murdered man but a slaughtered heart and a shattered soul,

I give them nothing!

For they caused our pain our hurt and our eventual death,

They are the cause for our problems, the drugs and suicide,

Why won’t you listen!

Hear our cries and carry us to safety,

Why won’t you help us, instead you hurt us and burn our hope!

Why should we love you, for what you have done to us?

All we ask is listen! Listen to the crying children hanging by a thin thread,

And if you can’t listen then take our place walk in our shoes and feel how we do!

Then tell us that you don’t understand and you won’t help us,

Because now you are us, and we will always be there haunting you till you die,

Because then and only then will you hear our cries an feel our pain an the slow death after

All you had to do was listen.

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