Sam Richardson is a middle school student who loves to read and write. He gets along with other people and other people sees him as a normal person.

Of course that only happens when he is outside.

Inside he is a human who lacks human affection. Because of this he isn't focused in his lessons nor he gets along with his family.

All he does is just stay in his room and either reads or writes.

He then met a cheerful 4th grader, Amelia Rachel, who supposedly changed his life.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Update 1.0 (23 July 2017)

- I decided to have it about two chapters per three days
- Chapter 3&4

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Chapter 2

Sup, you enjoying your day? I'm not... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

You know, I'm sick with every time I got in a fight with my mother. Its because she'd bring up the useless excuse of me not being trust w... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

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