Autumns magic

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my all time favorite poem I have ever wrote I hope u enjoy reading it as much I as I do

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Autumn’s magic


The autumn’s breeze at noon,

Calls me to soon, as a child I am called to,

Into the forest of rustling trees,

A colorful paradise, in a world a kingdom not my own,

As I sit upon a moss cover log, I look into the blue sky and sigh,

“Dear friend, oh! Dear friend!” a voice calls

Out of the trees fly’s a blue winged faerie,

“Hello! Hello! Good to see you again” I say,

With a brought smile I get up and run too,

“Tis true `tis true a great time to see you!” the faerie said,

“Almost the solstice, are the people reading the parade?” I gleam,

The faerie nodded happily,

“Naveya! Naveya! Come quickly to see our part” said a green blur that bumped naveya with a thud,

“Sweet cherries! Riylin!” Naveya said hugging the younger faerie,

“Tis a beautiful day I say!” said riylin as she hugged naveya, she tugged at the faeries wings playfully,

As a song rang out

“Tis be the day we await,

For coming snow of blooming weather, thy grace is blown as lies in wind,

Come and see I say,

Come and breathe within thy realm,

Come oh come and see I plea”

The wind sang softly of the fest to come,

Air within wind became still,

As the realm appeared to open eyes,

“Tis begun! The fest has begun!” riylin sang happily,

“I see I see let the fest begin!” voices say by wind.


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