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Irresistible Attraction

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"So Miss Penn, if you marry me, work for me, I'll pay all of your debts.You don't have to work your ass off for the rest of your life. Just ENJOY your life LUXURIOUSLY." Graham proposed with a large diamond ring on his right hand. No, not on his knees.

"Wait. What? But I...we just met a month ago.Damn! I don't know what to say.This is so sudden. Please give me time to think about it." Paxton replied, disbelief. His sudden proposals surprised her. She likes the idea of him paying off her debts and being filthy rich. No, wrong, she doesn't like but she LOVES the idea.

"You know the drill. Call me if you're in. You can never find any better arrangement than this. This is your probably once-in-a-lifetime offer. I would say, one of a kind. So don't let me wait too long. I hope you make up your mind before I find someone else." he said arrogantly. He gets up and walks towards the door.

Just before he's about to unlock the door, he stops when she muttered something from behind.

"Uggh. Wait! I agree with your proposition. I'll marry you. In exchange for whatever deals, you've promised me."

"Excellent choice. Meet me next Wednesday. For details, my PA, Malik will get in touch with you tomorrow." Just like that, he left. Without even looking back at her.

What has just happened? What did she put herself into, again, this time?
What Paxton Penn didn't expect, her soon to be husband has a dark secret. And he has a trouble-maker as a son who will soon have a serious addiction with his 'obsession'.

Graham Hendrix, a 40 years old businessman met miss Paxton Penn in 'The Red Island'. He has no feeling for her, but he knows she can definitely help him with his troublemaker and rebellious teenage son, Blyton. He does what father do best, provide whatever his son desires.

Can Paxton conquer Graham's heart? Can she change the rebellious Blyton? Will Graham ever regret his decision? What does Blyton think of his new stepmom?

Read to find out.

New chapter every Thursday.

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