Spider's Lament

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story, written in verse, from my collection "Stories From The Book Of Autumn'. This one features a spider, a beetle and a crow.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



"Oh" lamented spider

from the web that he had cast.

"Not a single bloody fly 

and all this time has passed.


Look at all my workmanship,

every loop support and brace.

I sat, designed and planned it all, 

like the finest bloody lace.


I charted out the north east wind 

that passes for this way.

I set my web accordingly,

for every fly to stray.


I suppose all that’s left to do,

take down and pack away.

What's the use of all this artistry

if it doesn’t serve to pay?"


 “I overheard yer plans-

to take down and pack away,”

Said a bumbling little beetle

passing along that way.


“I admire much the skill yer ‘ave,

But it’ll only go t’ waste,

without the skill of patience

and decisions made in haste.”


“Yes thankyou little beetle,

But I really know what’s best

After all, I’m professional

And know a tad more than the rest”


“Lovely web. You’re packing up?

Is that what I heard?”

came a voice in the branches,

It was crow, the wily bird.


Spider replied with a nod

As he went about his task.

Wily crow thought carefully,

“Would you sell it may I ask?”


“I could use the silk you see,

my nest needs some repair

and your fly desire, I require

for I have plenty there.”


Crow then hopped away

“I’ve another web to view.

That spider there, is keen to share

the kind deal I’ve offered you”


“Ok” agreed the spider.

Crow took the silk away

and promised that he’d be back

before the end of day.




So was waiting spider

when beetle wandered by

“I’ve sold my web,” he proudly said

And beetle gave a sigh.



“You wouldn’t wait with that web

that you’d made so very well.

But now you’ll wait willingly

On those words that crow would tell.


Your time is short and you must leave

Forget about that deal”

But spider ignored what beetle implored.

Spider was owed a meal.


“Hello there spider..” said the wily crow

You must be rather hungry

On my beak, let’s go.”


But at that lofty nest

Spider saw no flies,

Just twiggy sticks,

three hungry chicks

And a crow who told him lies.

© Copyright 2020 BillyLouSilver. All rights reserved.

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