The Sympathetic Executioner

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Taking a deep breath she pulls the trigger.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Gabriella watched as the seventy year old man had lunch with his daughter, even being from a few yards away Gabriella could tell that father and daughter were having a good time. Gabriella knew they'd be laughing and joking she had been following Karen and Conrad all morning continuing to learn about them, most importantly Conrad who loved his daughter very much. According to what Gabriella had read Karen had wanted to make the day special for her father, it was the small mercies that counted. Gabriella was still sitting on the bench by the park that was close to the cafe, when Gabriella recieved a text message "20 Minutes". Gabriella took a deep breath calming herself, even though this was not the first time she had done this Gabriella still had weak nerves. Gabriella must have been lost in a daze, because she felt her phone vibrate looking at it Gabriella read the text "Mercies Go".

Getting up from the bench Gabriella took out the specalized pistol, which thankfully shot tranquilizers rather than bullets. Taking her aim Gabriella set her eyes on the target, who thankfully was compltely unaward of what was going on. Finally Gabriella took a deep breath, exhaled and pulled the trigger, before she could blink Gabriella saw that her target was down. Putting the pistol back in the purse Gabriella walked towards Karen who was getting sympathetic looks from the other people around her, they understood what had happened. "Are you okay?, I'm sorry I should have warned you".

With a glazed look in her eyes Karen finally spoke up. "No it's okay I saw you from where I was sitting, it's just I'm suprised it happend so quickly". Looking at Conrad Gabriella saw that the cleaning crew was finally coming to finish the job. "How long did he have?" Karen who seemed to have gotten herself together, by straightening her clothes and fixing her makeup.

"He had a little over a month left". Gabriella nodded her head, she didn't know what else to do after doing doing this for so long Gabriella had become somewhat numb. "If I could say anything to reasurre you, it's that your father was a fighter many would want to end it right away when they are diagnosed with Stage Four cancer".

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