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The Badland is an unforgiving place. Every day it chews up the toughest of folk and spits them back out broken and bloodied, or worse. The sun will cook you alive, animals will rip you to shreds,
and the only way people know how to defend themselves against the bandit gangs occupying vast, empty stretches of desert between settlements is to shoot first and ask questions later.

Claire Munny and Morgan Jackson have only just started their dysfunctional partnership as contractors - guns for hire who roam the Badland in search of paying work. Maybe that means finding a
missing person or playing body guard, but it almost always means putting soneone in the dirt. Either way, the goal is always the same: get paid and survive another day. That's assuming they don't
drive each other crazy first.

Badland is a series of short stories about the contractors and their travels around the uninviting hell hole they call home. In search of work they'll go from the scorching deserts of the Long
Sands, to the forest peaks of the Red Rock Mountains, all the way down to the swamp lands of the Green. Along the way they'll meet struggling settlers desperate for a gunman, foreigners from
strange lands across the ocean, and no shortage of nasty types who want nothing more than to see the enterprising heroes dead. Fortunately, they're hard to kill.

Table of Contents

Where the Devil Don't Go

Submitted: July 21, 2017

Meet Claire Munny and Morgan Jackson, a pair of contractors just about ready to call it quits on their shaky partnership. Considering we've only just begun, that's not a great sign.
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Ghost Stories

Submitted: August 11, 2017

This one has it all, folks! Eldritch monsters! Crazy mutant experiments! Obscure references to 1980s horror films! And so much more! Read Chapter

Grey and Gray

Submitted: October 14, 2017

The contractors get themselves roped into solving a hostage situation, but sometimes you can't take everything at face value. Will they learn a little about themselves along the way? Probably,
because that's how stories work.
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Nine Lives

Submitted: August 15, 2018

Everybody likes cats.
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