Cry of God

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Sometimes people get humiliated for being a follower of a particular religion and the trend is increasing nowadays. But a person mostly follows a religion in the family he or she is born - mostly it is not his or her choice. Still people fight over this.
But God is universal - He is the creator of all. We try to find Him in Churches, Mosques, Temples etc or we divide Him through a particular religion race. But He is one - omnipresent. No religion teaches to hate other - all religion gives a message of peace. We mus feel the universal presence of God in every heart.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



The Cry of God

Sd Mikail

I was sad and depressed with my religion,

As I had to face unexpected humiliation.

I cried a lot, I made a complain to my Lord,

If You are only one oh my dear God;

Then why’ve you created multiple faith?

Why don’t you show us a unique path?

Hindu Muslim Budhist Sikh Zionist or Christian,

It’s not my choice or fault but my birth discern.

Oh human! Why do you confine me in a specific place?

Why do you try to find me with particular religion race?

I am omnipresent, in every heart I dwell

Why do you try to find me in lifeless idle?

I am always with you – I am very close to your heart,

Don’t search me here and there just feel me in your heart.

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