Inner mind

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The workings of mind. Does it always work to our advantage?

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



Inner mind, inner mind

What’s going on inside

Why do I what I do

Even though I don’t want to


Why test me in the dream

Allow me in silence scream

Then wake to find your sibling

Atop my head eyes popped and dribbling


Why wait the last minute

To give me an idea without me in it

That when I come to execute

You seem to be laughing like I’m your loot


Why waste love when you lead

Why waste words when you read

Then come to attack me in my sleep

As if I’m the one with a secret to keep


Why are you always hiding

Pretend that you’re moral abiding?

Why do you categorize humanity

By such measures is just insanity


Then separate them into high and low

Some can stay and some have to go

Some beauty bound some are otherwise

Too bad you decide the truth then the lies.


I want you here, first and foremost

I want you to admit to things I’ve lost

Following or not following you is just confusing

Am I using you or is it me you’re using?

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