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I decided to talk about three very important topics and just a quick summary of my point of view.

Submitted: July 21, 2017

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Submitted: July 21, 2017



LIFE. It’s actually crazy to think that one four-letter word could mean so much. One second you’re healthy and alive and the other… BOOM. Crazy, right? The world has come to be- or has always been this one universe that just spins and spins until we’re so dizzy our eyes pop out of our skins and our flesh begins to decompose and were deceased. The reason why I'm getting into the topic about life is because I aware of the fact that under any circumstance, we can easily die. It’s really a tough topic and us humans don’t realize how much we take this life for granted. Those of us who have lived and suffered but have made it through should be the ones most rewarded. I don’t believe in rewards, I believe God himself is the creator and founder of rewards; He in his own way will guide you and later give you this wonderful gift of life.

  FAITH. I’m a strong believer of faith. I believe faith is what truly determines so many things in our lives simply because of the saying “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s very accurate in fact, everything does happen for a reason and the truth of the matter is that people were put on this earth in order to grow and meet other people and get good jobs, and live their life to the fullest. Super corny, I know. That’s the thing with corny, as corny as things sound, they tend to be the most precise. So, back to faith. Do you ever wonder who you’re going to meet next? Who your next lover is going to be? These thoughts that the future awaits and only God Himself knows. God has the power to know what the future holds.


LOVE. I hope to one day fall in love. This idea of being with a significant other, just waiting to get home so they can press their soft hands against your skin and just love you unconditionally. It’s quite impressive how one can love another and not be interested in someone else.  I believe there are two types of male lovers. One who is dedicated to their partner and that feels more than just love: an obsession. With time you become addicted and attached to this person because all the magnetic forces attract and they just find something about the person to just hold on to. The other male lover tends to be a little more reckless, someone who may not be as dedicated and when things go wrong, leave. The idea of being in love makes me happy.  I wish to marry a man that has a mature soul and that knows right from wrong, that’s an intellectual and that through everything will choose to stay.


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