The Sweet Shop

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A metaphorical and comical representation of life in the form of sweets having Indian roots. The philosophy and way of life, as it progresses, is seen in the form of a man, going to a sweet shop and overhearing the conversation of two drunkards as they debate over the sweet that best represents life...

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



A fat man entered the sweet shop,

Came with hands empty, pockets full.

And from what her heard over there,

Left with pockets empty, hands full.


In two directions were they swaying,

True drunkards, but then now, critics of sweets.

As they questioned over each ‘mittai’

Parallelism of life in these sweets.


“Gulab Jamun”…one fellow said.

“Made of simplicity, those round brown balls.

But in heat, they do harden;

But softness intact, so in love, one falls…”


“The centre is itself and when put in

Sugar Water, absorbed at once by it.

Positively taken in and this is surely life”

The first man smiled, he had spoken with wit.


In the name of Jalebis, i swear.

On whatever all you said, I protest.

Jalebis may not be round or soft.

I’m not drunk,  I should know, they’re the best.


The sweet as a whole may be entangled,

But each layer taken much steeper;

Has sweetness in its own way to cherish.

A clogged mass at glance, much more deeper.


All of that fat man couldn’t digest,

Came with hands empty, pockets full.

In the end, that man bought all of it.

Left with pockets empty, hands full.

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