tamilar history (devendirakula vellar)

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veeran sundaralingam
sundaralinga kudumbanar (died 1799), also
known as "veeran" sundaralingam
kudumbanar , was an 18th-century ce general
from tamil nadu , india.
maaveeran sundharalinga kudumbanar
successor british rule
died 1799
father pandiyan kattana karuppanan
religion hinduism
personal life
he was born in governagiri village in tuticorin
district .
fight against british
he was a general of the poligar veerapandiya
kattabomman in his fight against the british
east india company . according to a majority
of the accepted historical accounts, he was
killed in 1799, while fighting for kattabomman
during the first polygar war. another view is
that he was killed in the second polygar war
(1800-1) while assisting kattabomman's
younger brother oomaithurai.
in recent years maveeram sundaralinga
kudumbanar has been claimed as cultural
icon of devendrakula velalar who moslty
living 19 districts of south tamil nadu. in
2009, the tamil nadu government-issued a
policy note to build a memorial for
sundaralingam at governagiri .
immanuvel devendrar was born in sellur,
mudukulathur, tamil nadu on 9 october 1924.
he took part in the quit india movement from
the age of 18 and was imprisoned for three
months because of it. in 1945, he enlisted in
the british indian army and, upon his
discharge, he returned to his native
ramanathapuram district to work for the
indian national congress party (inc). his time
in the army had caused him to question the
historic oppression of dalits in his district,
which was particularly severe. [1][2]
devendrar worked to improve the education,
rights and representation of the dalit pallar
caste, of which he was a member. he tried to
mobilise them to demand equality. the inc
saw him as a useful opposition to pasumpon
mutharamalingam thevar, who had defected
from the party to join the forward bloc. [1]
the party thought that he might be a worthy
future member of the legislative assembly
and groomed him for that end. it was for this
reason that he converted to the hindu religion
and took the name immanuel sekaran. [2]
the pallars were often in dispute with the
higher-status thevar caste and the
relationship between the communities became
fraught following a by-election in 1957. a
peace meeting was called, at which
devendrar refused to stand up when thevar
arrived. [1]
devendrar was ambushed and murdered by a
group of thevars on 11 september 1957.
there were accusations that thevar himself
had some responsibility for the death. thevar
was in fact arrested but later released without
charge. [1]
the 1957 ramnad riots, in which 42 dalits
were killed, occurred as a consequence of
devendrar's murder. [2]
the anniversary of devendrar's death is
celebrated annually as devendrar jayanti by
pallar people in tamil nadu. [

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