Influenza A Took My Daughter Away

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I lost my daughter to Influenza A at the age of 20 years. It has been a year and 4 months and still seems so surreal!

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017




Grieving over the loss of my 20 year old daughter to Influenza A is something one never thinks about...but I had the horrible experience of it happening to me-her Mother. Creating this I am hoping will help me with understanding why things like this happen. Britt was my daughter, my BFF, and my business partner in her short 20 years. She accomplished quite a bit and made positive contacts everywhere she went! I love her to the Moon and Beyond! I look forward to the day we meet again!

The following chapters are writings from my personal page where I share my thoughts of how life is so not the same as before she died. No parent should ever lose a child. 

Here is my first post from that page. 

Yesterday I realized what the date was the 26th...3 months have passed since I lost my daughter to Influenza A. Seems like it just happened somedays...other days, seems like she has been gone much heart just aches for her...I miss seeing her and hearing her voice and laughter...her antics just would shock me at times but I would laugh right along with her. I was going to make a blog post but I felt like just typing on my page here.


Chapter 2


Since Brittany has passed away, I have seen her in my dreams at all different ages. They say the more of a certain age you see the person in your dreams, that is when the person was the happiest. Her age the most in my dreams is around 6-8 years old.

That makes sense due to the fact those were the good years-her life and my marriage. But I am not going to get into that until later when I decide to. 

Britt had her tonsils and adnoids out at the age of 6 years old. After that she was never life flighted due to RSV (age 1 1/2 years) or pneumonia. After she got RSV when she would get sick, it started with strep throat and went directly into her lungs which in turn would turn into pneumonia. (So we were told.) Once they removed her tonsils and adnoids, we were all relieved that she was never life flighted, again the rest of her years until the day she came down with Influenza A.

Back to talking about the dreams. At first after the intial shock starts subsiding, I was having nightmares about when she died. Talk about placing blame on oneself! It took me months before they stopped occuring so often. After I started talking about that day with other Flu Moms, I was able to start comprehending slowly, and I say that because even to this day, I find my thoughts are in my head but they are not being processed to acceptance or acknowledged.

The dreams started with seeing her as a baby, toddler, school age, teen, then her as she was when she died. I remember one where she was a child and she came to me in my dreams and she was so scared, I just held her and said she would be ok. I woke up crying and feeling like there was nothing I could do or say to her now. All I can do now that she is gone, is speak outloud to her as I go about my day. I know some may think that's crazy, do I care? Nope! 

Dreaming...I dislike waking up and Brittany was only in my dream. I love the happy and funny dreams with her in them. What is so kool is the fact that we make new memories in the dream state. I never really thought of it like that after she died. I thought all that's left is the memories. I miss making more with her everyday here on Earth. But, if we can create new ones in my dreams, I will take it for sure!



Chapter 3

Letter To Monica the Medium

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for the card and gifts. When I received them, I cried tears of love as I read the card!

Britt and I used to watch your show religiously. We both believe in the Soul world.

When I entered the contest, I said to Britt outloud that I hoped she would help me be a winner!

 When I am driving, I will start spacing off thinking about her and then realize “Holy shit, when did I pass that?” She is definitely with me keeping me safe!

I kept the box and today I felt the need to type you a letter to say Thank You! There is a local psychic here in Okoboji, IA but I haven’t seen her or felt like going to her. I look over daily when I drive by, but my intuition hasn’t told me it’s time to stop. When that happens, I will maybe…


It would be so wonderful to have you come here. I started a non-profit for Flu Awareness in my daughter’s memory. We hold a walk every year and this year have added a Fashion Show, a Dart Tournament, and did a Hog Roast.

 August 3rd would have been her 22nd birthday, so we are holding a Birthday Toast To Heaven for her at my favorite hang out. I am excited for it because her dad will be there along with Grandpa John (my dad). She loves him so much!

The day of her funeral, afterwards I said “Grandma Jan gets her for 20 years and then it will be time for us to be together once again.” I got funny looks with that, but that is how long I had her here on Earth.

I started a page for her on Facebook called Blaze It Forward Non Profit Organization. Please LIKE it and Share it if you would. I know Britt would get a kick out of that!

She loved to write and draw, she was so loving, not a mean bone in her body. She in my eyes is an Angel and Saint.

Once again, Thank You!


Franki Andersen



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