Johnny Pocket

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A young boy without friends goes and discovers something that changes his life.

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



This story takes place in the small town of Chestnut, Ohio at Elmwood elementary school. All the students were excited as it had been mid-October. For they couldn’t wait for Halloween and fun; everyone you see except young Johnny Pockets. Johnny was a very odd, child very quiet. He didn’t say or do much of anything frankly. As the teacher one by one went around the classroom asking the students one by one what they were doing for Halloween “trick or treating,” “eating candy” Then she got to Johnny Pockets “What about you?” she asked, everyone got quiet and looked at Johnny; he stared for a moment and said “what do you mean?” She was taken back, since he didn’t seem as excited like the rest of the students. “For Halloween” she replied, Johnny seemed confused and asked “What is Halloween?” The students stared for a second and laughed as they couldn’t believe someone had not experienced Halloween.

The bell rang for lunch and all the students left their classes to go to the cafeteria, all excerpt Johnny where he stayed behind, ashamed by his embarrassment. The teacher walks over to Johnny, still quietly sitting in his desk. “Are you okay, Johnny?” she asked. Johnny simply looked up with a blank face “I guess”, he sighed. She looked at him and said “why don’t you get some lunch.” Johnny nodded and left the classroom, shortly arriving at the cafeteria. He enters the cafeteria scared and nervous, sweat starts to drip down from his forehead, trying not to associate with anyone he gets in a lunch line. He hears a voice “so you’re the kid that doesn’t know about Halloween huh?” Johnny just stares at the boy, “well I’m talking to you!” he replies. Johnny looks at the floor as everyone in the line mocks and laughs at him. Johnny gets his lunch and leaves the lunch line. He sits in a corner of the lunch room away from everyone due to his embarrassment, he eats his lunch in solitude.

After eating his lunch, Johnny folds his arms on the table, hiding his face. Over all the people talking and noise in the cafeteria he heard what sounded like footsteps walking toward him. He did not bother to lift his head to look, for his shame had well overcome him. He heard a voice, it sounded like a girl “it’s alright” the voice said. Then he heard another voice “yeah, we aren’t going to make fun or you.” This voice sounded different, a boy’s voice. Johnny felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up to find two kids standing near him. They sat down at the table, the girl said “my name is Stacy”, the boy said “I’m Tim”. Johnny nodded and said “my name is Johnny.” Stacy looks at Johnny and says “we don’t think you’re weird,” “really,” Johnny said, Tim nodded and said “yeah you seem pretty cool by the way.” Johnny became amazed since this was his first time having actual friends. They talked the time away until lunch ended and they had to go back to class.

When it was time to leave and go home Tim, Stacy and Johnny walked along side each other, Johnny said “okay, I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” The two stopped and looked at him confused. “What?” Johnny said, “Don’t you want to hang out with us?” said Tim. Johnny replied “really?” Stacy looks at Johnny “of course” she said. “Alright, let me just take my stuff home”, said Johnny, Tim and Stacy both nodded. As they walked to Johnny’s house, Johnny said “wait here, I’ll be back in a minute.” Tim said “okay”, as Johnny went inside his parents asked him about his day.  “Awesome”, Johnny replied, his parents seemed shocked by his enthusiasm. “Oh really”, his parents replied. “Yeah” says Johnny “I’m going to hang out with some friends.” His parents stopped and looked at him “that’s amazing, son” said Johnny’s dad. “Yeah, Johnny replied “when are you hanging out with them?” said his dad “Now” Johnny replied. Johnny’s mother jumped “What do you mean now?” she said, “They are outside mom, I just came home to drop off my things,” said Johnny. “They are outside?” said Johnny’s mom.

Johnny replied “yes, we are going to hang out for a little if I can.” His dad paused and looked at him “don’t be out too late ok, buddy.” Johnny replied “ok, I won’t” as he left the house. The three were walking around when Stacy stopped and looked at the two boys “let’s do something fun”, she said. “What did you have in mind”, said Tim. “Let’s walk through the woods”, she then points to a thick patch of wilderness. Johnny stops and becomes nervous “I don’t know about this.” Tim looks at Johnny, “don’t be scared, dude.” “Yeah, we’re right here with you Johnny.” Stacy replies. Johnny says “Ok, I guess.” As they walk through the woods, the chill of the dark night seems to follow over them. They walk through the woods for a few hours when Tim says “Ok guys, I’m going to head home.” They look around for a minute “which way did we come from?” Stacy asks, “I think we came from this way.” Johnny replies. They take a moment and begin walking, not knowing they are only becoming more lost in the wilderness. After about 20 minutes of walking around the three stop “I think we’re lost.” says Tim. Johnny begins to panic realizing that the three of them might be lost in the woods. “This was such a stupid idea.” says Stacy.

Johnny however tries to stay positive and reassure himself. Johnny looked at the two and said “don’t worry, we’ll get out of this.” Stacy looks at Johnny “are you sure?” she said. Johnny nods, “alright, so how do we get out?” Tim asked. Johnny replied “well we should stay calm.” As they began walking Johnny caught something shining in the corner of his vision. Johnny stopped, slowly walking to the source of the shine. “What is that Johnny?” Stacy asked. Johnny replied “I really don’t know.” He bent down and to pick it up, after examining the object he realized it was a locket. “Is that gold?” said Tim, Johnny looked at time “I think so” he replied. Johnny put the locket on and began to feel dizzy. Johnny grabbed his head “I don’t feel good” he said. Tim and Stacy rushed over to Johnny “What’s wrong Johnny?” Stacy asked “Yeah you don’t look good” replied Tim. Johnny said “I don’t know” his vision slowly faded to black and last words he heard from the two were “Come on, Johnny don’t give in.” It was too late morning arose as the birds chirped Johnny’s mother called upstairs “Come on son you’ll be late for school.” Johnny jumped from his sleep, going downstairs to find his parents eating breakfast. “What’s wrong, buddy?” asked his dad “Nothing” replied Johnny “I just had a bad dream.”

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