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Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



When I say I'm done, 
I usually mean it. 
But with you I stayed, 
Over and over again. 


I tried to stay away,
I just couldn't. 
I felt that you needed me,
I shouldv'e known it was a lie. 

Why would you let me keep coming back?
What was your reason, 
for keeping me in your life?
You never wanted me. 

You said you were done,
and so did I. 
We crawled back to each other, 
one too many times. 

I kept saying I was done with you,
your hurtful comments and lies. 
I never should have trusted you, 
should've just given you up. 

This time I speak honesty, 
I am done with you.
Done with everything you have to give. 

Done with your lies, 
your critisism. 
All you do is hurt me, 
why is that? 

Why is it that I have let you do this,
walk all over me? 
The next four lines in this poem,
will give you a hint. 

The broken person you speak to everyday, 
is now leaving you for someone better.
The broken person you hurt with your words, 
is done. 

I have given my all, 
just so you wouldn't have to be alone.
I have seen your true colors, 
and now I am done. 


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