Rain Fire Answered My Prayers

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Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



Colossal core

An angel on the shore .

Eyes like the sea.

She stands and waits for me.

The tears have gone to gray.

They are dry like sunshine

that screams .

For a lonely heart

to be set free.

The settlers with sad hearts are watching .

As the storm clouds gather on high.

The fences of love are now fallen.

The wind from the north breezes slow.

To grace the wheels of the mares.

And I look to heaven so deeply .

When the rainfire answered my prayers.

The rhythm of sadness stops churning.

Within a man with a will of the fight.

He longs for the angel to love him.

Within the dead of the strangers last night.

As the lightning as bright

as the eclipse.

That turned out the light

of the fright.

The anger was shot

at the wounded.

As the fences go to amends.

We fathom the pain of desire.

When the rain has a scorn

like the fire.

As the exhaustion of hope

leaves the mourning.

He asks for one final request.

He suspects that the prayers

were surrendered.

Into the path of rest.

The Angel strokes her dark hair.

Into his dreams

she will stare.

Until he's awaken and tired.

It's then that he'll realize

his fate .

That is the story of the forgotten.

When the scars of the fire have torn.

The time has sailed on the sea.

The angel still stands on the shore line .

Holding my heart ,

and waiting for me.

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