The first lady of my life

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Just a story about how i messed up my first love

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017






The first lady of my life!!

Here is a real story about my life. So it all began from first day of my school. A new school new class all seemed awkward but then again i knew that i have to co-op up with them. First day went okay, i was happy about my new school but i didn't knew that what was coming for me. On the second day i saw this girl instantly i felt something like wind flowing and all. Feels like a Bollywood movie or something but believe me this is what love at first sight feels like . It was heavenly feeling but at the same time my mind was poking me ,I knew there was something. I used to shake every time i talk to her even now. In a few weeks we became friends , I remember everything and every time we used to play . Like how i used to dance after losing a bet , then we all friends used to turn off all the lights of class room and tell horror stories but all aside my only attention was on her . It felt like i was in the school only because of her. All went well for a year but then all the rough time started . I always tried to make her laugh but she always used to take me for granted and i even heard from her friends that she used to think i am a joker but i didn't care i just wanted to see her smile 'the lovely smile'. At the end of the Year her boyfriend came up from nowhere . I was so confident about myself i didn't even care about her boyfriend but things got serious when her bf gifted her a ring i was so shattered when i heard that she really loves him. I even tried to convenience her that he was not a good guy because the fire of jealousy was killing me inside and tried everything possible but didn't gather enough guts to tell that i love her . I used to cry at night so that no one sees me but the agony inside me was just bursting out i then decided to leave the school . The last time i saw her after leaving school she was still pretty for me but my feelings were completely dead and her bf also left her. Now i regret that i could have just tell her about my feelings earlier . That's how i lost my first love



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The first lady of my life

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