Spirits on the Train

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Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



A Tragic accident happened In 1996 a seven-teen year old girl named Evelyn Roberts got ran over by a train. 17 years later (2013) a fifteen year old girl Stacey, and her sixteen year old brother Harry, wanted to be brave, so they both used a Ouija board, and contacted with the spirit; Stacey asked the first question What is your name? the triangle moved and it responded Evelyn; Harry asked the next Question when were you born? It responded! 1979! they acted really scared, for a Ouija board you  need to say goodbye, they broke the third rule, and didn’t say goodbye to the board; Stacey and Harry made their way on the train, to visit their grandma in Wangaratta. While Stacey and Harry were on the train Evelyn returned as a paranormal ghost, they both heard crying and screaming; Harry pressed the emergency button, the train stopped! The only witnesses that heard the spirits were Stacey and Harry; the Train driver Billy said to them what’s the emergency? Stacey said there is a ghost on this train! Harry responded I heard it too, Billy then said can you hear it now? Before we did, not now; Stacey said it might got to do with the Ouija board we used; Billy said woah, woah, you guys used a Ouija board, Harry responded yeah we made a mistake! Do you know anyone who can give you answers about it, Stacey answers Billy’s question Yeah, our Grandma in Wangaratta she is a psychic I’m sure she will help us out, good luck with that! Thanks! If it comes back, press the button, and we will get the Paranormal investigators involved; how long until the train gets to Wangaratta? two and a half hours! The train continues moving. Stacey and Harry arrived in Wangaratta they wanted to walk to get some exercise they walked thirty minutes to get to their Grandma Julie’s House; they knocked on the door Hello Stacey and Harry! Kisses and hugs to both of them Hey Gran could we please come in yeah! Please do, come in! what’s wrong guys aren’t you happy to see me? Yes Gran we’re happy to see you we did a dumb mistake and maybe you could help us cause you’re a psychic, ok! Take a seat! Now what’s the problem? We used a Ouija board, it turns out we didn’t say goodbye to it and on the train we heard the spirits; tell me if I’m right, her name is Evelyn, and she was born 1979; yes that’s right! Can you tell us more about her Gran? All I know is, the train killed her in 1996, she was seventeen years old, because the train killed her and you guys used the Ouija board then didn’t say goodbye to it that’s probably why she’s haunting the train; we need to get rid of it Gran! Ok listen carefully! When you guys get back home burn the Board and you got to say a spell Give me the power I beg of you, eliminate the spirit of Evelyn Roberts, never to return again, and burn in hell, ok! thanks Gran! they both responded; Good luck! I love you, I Love you too; they both left their Grandma Julie’s House, and headed back to the Train station, they sat on the bench, and waited twenty minutes for the train to come.













The Train Suddenly Arrives, they got on, and sat down; thirty minutes later, second time! the spirit came back, it said; Stacey! Harry! Laughing sounds in the background, Harry Pressed the Button; the Spirit went away again, when Billy went on the train carriage. Billy made a Call to the Paranormal Investigators, they knew about Evelyn Haunting the Train, Stacey then said I know how to get rid of it, our Gran gave us the answers, we need to get home to do it, ok! I will start the train now; seven more stops to get off at their station, meanwhile they just relaxed on the train. The time has come Stacey and Harry got off at the station and they did more exercise walking back to their house it’s a forty-five-minute walk, Harry said to Stacey! Promise me we’re not going to use that board again, I Promise she said, that was so scary, at least we got the answers from Gran; Yeah True, Harry Responded! They made it back to the house, they got the Ouija board chucked it in the fire Stacey, and Harry Both hold Hands and used the Vanishing spell and said these words at the same time to get rid of the spirits, Give me the power I beg of you, eliminate the spirit of Evelyn Roberts, never to return again, and burn in hell. It worked! Stacey, and Harry saved the day, the credit goes to their Grandma Julie, for helping them out; they never used a Ouija board again Evelyn is now long gone; finally its paradise; Stacey, and Harry can have a good life, and never be Haunted again.

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