Mere Words

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Today, on social media we discuss on various themes posted there. Some people turn this into a real fight of words, while it is just to exchange ideas and see what others think about a given prompt. It should now be this way, for we discuss for social harmony.

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



Mere Words


They are mere words for fun

On social and virtual media

We read, think and write regalia

Lots of verbose verses under the sun

To connect corners of the globe


They are ordinary words to dare

And a prompt appear on air

You can agree and he can disagree

For no right and no wrong tree

Will be planted for no cause


They are simple words not fight

Words that are said under light

Depicting flow that cannot bite

No deny you and I feel tight

From afar we nigh though far


They are ideas to break the ice

No fight among us, though tense

One goes, one comes and one hears

We started too many now we are two

And life feels an amusing mess


So open words work in public

For mouths are to speak

As ears are to hear quick

But no deaf and no dumb

As social concord fosters numb


Because there was a theme

That did not seem a beam

To light mean fire among friends

Words were not swords

In harmony, we argued words


Poem by Mugisho N Theophile



© Copyright 2019 Mugisho N Theophile. All rights reserved.

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