The Stranger

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A remote village gets a visit from a sinister stranger......

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017




At the extreme end of a small country there is a remote village called Leetonia--Sea-Village. The inhabitants are usually peaceful people. They make a living mostly from farming and fishing. Some of them produce simple wooden furniture.

Their village has plenty of green fertile land: good for producing  fruit and vegetables. Chickens, ducks and cows are aplenty.


The villagers are mostly self-sufficient. The share the same belief system and moral code.

For many years the place has gradually become more insular rejecting modern technology and the people suspicious of any newcomers or visitors to their land.

The small population has declined drastically and there are now many more older citizens who because of infirmity cannot work the land. Poverty has enveloped the region.

Then one November day a strange person came to visit. He was old, tall and wearing dark clothes. Every few days he was seen around the village. Asking questions. Looking at the farms and the land.

Because the villagers were  placid and peace loving they asked few questions of this stranger and outwardly showed respect and politeness to him.

Yet inwardly amongst themselves a great panic was developing.


"Who is this stranger?" they would say to each in hushed but frantic tones even though no one else could hear.


"He looks so evil!"  Giles the local shopkeeper would tell all his customers as soon as the subject arose.

"Every time I see him he is dressed in black with a sour look on his face", Giles would repeat several times every day to every one anxious to learn more about this stranger.


Tommy the furniture maker said:

" He is bad looking with a beak like nose and beady eyes"….

Martha the wife of farmer Sam would tell every one she met:
"This stranger is trouble. He has a weak mouth and chin and is up to no good for sure!"


Word spread quickly around the village . Who was this odd fella? What was he up to? Are the children safe?!

Then suddenly on his next visit the stranger was seen 'snooping' around the village with two other equally 'sinister looking' characters.

Enough was enough.

Egged on by his wife Martha, Sam the farmer called an emergency meeting of the village elders.


Most of the senior member of the village gathered together in the room above the local Tavern. The were talking heatedly and hurriedly.

Sam motioned with his raised arm for them to be silent and spoke:

"As you all know our community is under immediate threat. There is a stranger in our midst. We have looked at him and decided he is no good. Everyone who wants him and his cohorts expelled from our village raise your hands."

As they had done many times before whole group unanimously voted to oust this stranger and as they picked up their pitch forks, shovels and other weapons to chase away the evil the head of the village- Jacob- suddenly entered the room.


"Stop folks!' Jacob screamed. "Please stop!"

The whole room suddenly came to an abrupt halt and stood motionless as Jacob spoke loudly yet clearly:


"I have just come from talking with the stranger. His name is Lord Leetonia. He is the owner of several estates and properties in Europe.

He is now downstairs with his two sons who have to look around our village with him today. The Lord's ancestors came from these parts but generations ago they left to seek their fortunes elsewhere.  He is now the head of one of the richest families in the world.

The Lord has spent the last few weeks looking around our village in the hope that he is sufficiently impressed to make a financial contribution to us.

A new school, medical center, a modern factory and free house and farm renovation and gifts and loans for everyone!"

Then Jacob held up in his hand revealing a bank check payable to the village council with an amount so large written on it that an audible gasp went right around the whole room.

The sinister visitor's tallness was now not a threat but showed great strength.

His dark clothes became a well cut suit.

A nose described as like a beak becomes 'aristocratic.'

The 'beady eyes' are really gentle and kind.

The weak chin and mouth now looks strong and noble.

Lord Leetonia's face was not at all sour but more like benevolent.


The room dropped their weapons and rushed down to shake hands and meet " one of their own."

A stranger who is not strange at all.








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