Cult of Hugo

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Maisy got sent to Eastwood Academy which is a Military boarding school; she is now a mature woman who uses protection, and knows how to defend herself. Maisy meets her room partner, Hi I’m Maisy! you must be new, we don’t use our first names; oh right! Anderson! Palmer! They shake each other’s hand, then Maisy went to unpack her things and get settled into her room; Commander  Prescott got a job for Rollins, he said to her can you give this package to the new kid, Anderson! Yes Sir! Rollins made her way to Anderson’s Room; are you Anderson? Yes! This package is for you, Thanks! She then speaks to herself, and said, who the hell would sent me a package? She then opens it, and straight away she knew it was Hugo; he gave her a fright, she jumped, and looked scared; Hugo said, hello Maisy long time no see, what are you doing here? All your friends here! im going to kill them all, your going to have to go through me first, she then attacked Hugo; When Major Sims came to Anderson’s Room, Hugo went back to plastic, Major Sims says Anderson! there’s no time to be fucking around with dolls, she then went to take the doll, Anderson said can I please have the doll, actually my Niece’s Birthday is coming up, I’m sure she is going to like it. Major Sims took Hugo back to her room, while she was asleep Anderson went to look for Hugo, Hugo made Wendy Jump and she landed on Major Sims, she then went to Grab her, and said what the hell you doing in here Anderson? You wouldn’t listen to me Sims! the other recruits saw Sims grabbing Anderson, what’s going on? Major Sims gave a punishment to the girls, Commander Prescott said is this necessary Sims! we got a thief sir; Alright Sims you made your point, make sure everyone is back in by 01:00 hours, Yes sir! Get those guns in the air Ladies; as they jogged around in a circle seven times, Major Sims yells at ease! They finished their punishment and went back to bed. Commander Prescott went to his office, he saw Hugo on the ground, then went to put him in the trash can, as the bin fell over Hugo hides, Prescott was thinking where did the doll go? Hugo appeared, and smashed a golf club on his head, then falls on the floor; Hugo attacks Prescott with the golf club three times, the blood spurted out of him, and his eyes closed; the ambulance covered him up, and puts him in the van. Everyone was standing in the hall to do a one minute silence for Commander Prescott, Major Sims did a eulogy for him, Major Sims got everyone to do training, practise shooting, climbing ropes, and many more for Protecting, and Defending yourself; when everyone finished their Training, they were feeling restless, and went to bed; because they need to get up at 06:00 hours, for more training. Hugo went to another kid’s room he’s name was Noah! according to his last name, its Kirk, Hugo gave him a fright, and said who the fuck are you? I’m Kirk! what’s your name? Hugo he responded; Hugo and Kirk hanged out in the room and talked, It was time for Kirk to go do more of his training, he said to Hugo are we going to hang out again? Yeah sure! When will you be back? later tonight! I’ll come find you, Kirk then left the room, and started with his training. Maisy secretly saw Kirk hanging out with Hugo, she then went to go talk to him, Hey Kirk can I talk to you? What’s up Anderson! I saw you playing with Hugo I’m not trying to scare you, but you have to stay away from him! He’s Dangerous; Anderson gives a Knife to Kirk! saying, here you better take it;








Palmer was walking by, and she saw Hugo in Kirk’s Room, she picked him up, then he stabs the knife right through her stomach, as she coughed up blood; Hugo uses his strong hand, and chucks her out the window, she splats to the ground. Everyone heard a window smashed, Major Sims yells, Code Red! Code Red! The Ambulance picked up Palmer and puts her in the van; Sims I know who did this, it was Hugo, Sims responded who is Hugo? it’s a doll that comes to life, he’s dangerous trust me; you see, Kirk isn’t here! we have to do something! Anderson went to go save Kirk, she ran really fast; Anderson looked around, then Spotted Hugo and Kirk in the forest; Hugo went to threaten Kirk with a Knife, and Kirk did the same thing, Anderson Shouts! Hugo Let him go, Anderson had a gun with her and when she aimed it at him, he teleported, and took Kirk with him. Where have they gone? Will Maisy Find Noah? Will She Kill Hugo?

The story to be continued……………………….

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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