Twilight Rage

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Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



Auburn candles burn,

on the window seal.

Morning breath makes the morning real.

If I could bring us the might,

We would overcome the

dark of night.

I stumble through the sunlit halls.

While the telephone rings

and we ignore the calls .

I stand inside a room so cold.

Where a child holds

a trust so bold.

How could a moon so strong

be at ease with the stars?

When the universe aligned with a love torn apart?

The windows have covered up with glaze.

As the twilight fell

it began my rage.

I hold my demons

with my anguished thoughts.

As the pictures of a begger

began to rot .

I march through tears

in my workhorse boots.

Stains of pity on the

business suits.

Crossfire vision within my hands.

I want to see an angel

within the sand.

An end to madness would be a thrill.

As the rage of love

made a mourning real.

Oh , you're not the greatest dancer.

They call, but there's no answer.

We grow age spots on our hands.

We hold no regrets.

The days hold sadness

In the minds of the weak .

As the mountains hold madness

beneath the peaks.

As your rosebud lips

press against my flesh.

I lay my arms down

And within your beauty

I do rest.

As the grandfather chimes

I float my fingers up your

spine .

To see what I miss just one last time.

In the mist of heaven ,

Twilight goes in a spin .

Now the candles burn strong once again.

On this window ledge. .

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