If I were them

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Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



It was rainy afternoon when I decided to go straight at the supermarket to buy some supplies, I was so picky that made me shop for 30 minutes. Luckily, it was rush hour, where you can see people go hustle to shop. When I got into the cashier's lane, there's an old woman and a kid who stole my attention. The kid dressed up so well and looks stunning with her pink princess dress and fury princess crown, and beside her was an old lady that wears an old fashioned tops and ripped slumber shorts. The old woman looked at the child and then looked at me and raised her two eyebrows then flashed a smile, a smile that says "Isn't she adorable?", and I smiled back at her and leaned towards the kid and whispered, "I wish I was you, that dress looks good on you" and winked. "Thanks, old woman bought it for me" and hugs the old woman so tight. "That's what oldies do", and I winked again. I was busy checking my checklist when I heard the old woman laughing, so I took a glance and saw her giggles and tears that rolls down to her cheeks. "Carry me! Please" The kid said. "Hahaha, wait up, I can't move." It was confusing, you'll hear pure happiness but you'll see pure pain. She looks like she carries the whole world as she bows down and touches her knee. In that moment I felt like there's deeper reason why does she cries. "Okay calm down. In the count of 3 you will jump and I' ll carry you", old woman said. "1..2..3... jump!" As the kid jumped they both fell down and there's a woman who went bananas and ran towards the old woman and the child, "How many times do I have to tell you that she's not your daughter!! You're killing her!! The lady kicked her so hard and walked away with the kid. She must be the mother of the kid. I took the chance to take the hand of the old woman and stood her up and said, "I thought you know the child." "No, she's a stranger. I'm a teenage mom and I left my kid at my parent's house. I was a teenager that time, the thing that I only want was to have fun, get along with friends, forget about life and party. I forgot my responsibilities, I forgot that she needs a mother, she won't accept me now, I'm afraid to show up to her,she won't accept me for sure. Some are bad of being a mother but now, I'm trying to be the best parent at every kid I saw. I always take them out even though their parents are being harsh on me. They always say offensive and foul words at me but the only thing I can do was to accept it. I think it's the consequences of my doings", the old woman explained. I was startled, shocked even that made me burst into tears. Watching my crazy mom buying some stuff in a supermarket for the other kids. It stole my attention because it's my crazy mom with the other kid, buying some stuff in a supermarket. she must be a pretty kind stranger but not such a great mom. I lived my whole life without mom, I spent mother's day with my grand mother, family day with grand parents, she never showed up ever since I was a little, she don't even know what are my favorite foods. But look at her now, using my credit card, spending my money for the other kids, kept on saying that "my daughter won't accept me", she don't have any idea how hungry I am to her presence, how much I need her beside me, that's why I let her stay in my space no matter how crazy she is. I let her use my car and she suddenly crashed it two blocks away from our house. I paid the damaged properties at the neighborhood. Is it me?... Is it me? Who needs to understand her? Is it me?... Who needs to take care of her? Even though she never held my hands when I was a kid, even though she haven't helped me to wash my clothes with my first leaks during my first menstruation, All of them are saying I should send her to the mental, but no, I'm hungry of her presence, I'm craving for her hugs, kisses, and lullabies. You may say I may be selfish but no, you're wrong. If there would be someone who should be accused as selfish, it was her, nothing but her.

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