Day out in York

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This is a story about four members of a wedding party, who spend a day in York socialising.

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



?Chapter One.


?It was 09:03 on a Saturday morning as the train pulled into York station from Newcastle.Four men departed the train, the stag party, it comprised of the groom, Dave Cayton, his best man, Rod Peel.Also accompanied by his two ushers, Stan Plot and Simon Train.Dave had decided that the theme of the stag day was to be famous characters from Yorks historical past.They had all hired a costume for the day and were all bound to wear  it all day.

? Dave, the groom chose Guy Fawkes, a dynamite idea that would add sparkle to the day.His best man, Rod chose Dick Turpin, who had decided on this occasion to improvise his version of Black Bass, his trusted steed, in the shape of a stick with a horses head on it."Nay lads" he cried, anything for a laugh! As for the ushers,Stan Plot was dressing up as GeorgeHudson, the railway king himself.In his words, !i`ve got to try and keep you lot on the right track and at the same time, stop us all going off the rails".Finally, last but by no means least, Simon Trainwas dressing up as a roman centurian.He declared,"if all else fails, we just soldier on in a uniform manner".




Chapter 2


Once off the train, Dave announced, "okay lads, our first stop is th Guy Fawkes Hotel", to which Rod replied,"look, i`m starving, i want some breakfast first", He was then joined by Stan and Simon who were equally as hungry.Dave then told them,"look lads, i`v booked breakfast and two rooms, we can change into our costumes".He had arranged that the costumes be delivered and waiting for them.Rod enquired, "are the rooms booked for us overnight">Dave replied,"yes, if need be".

? After a brief stroll from York station, during which they chatted with other stag groups and hen parties from Darlington and Gateshead.They finally arrived at the Guy Fawkes Hotel in Petergate.Rod immediately said,"well Dave! this trip certainly has a theme, lets hope( with a twinkle in his eye)the day goes with a sparkle, in more ways than one and that we set some fireworks off along the way".They proceeded to the reception area to be greeted by an extremely friendly landlady, "good morning guys".Dave replied,"thats pretty good considering i haven`t got my costume on yet!"to which the landlady replied, "i always greet my guests with a sparkle, if they fall foul, that`s when they get a rocket!".


Chapter 3


?They all signed for the rooms, they were then shown to their respective rooms.Dave and Rod entered their room to which Dave commented," this room is on a slant", the bed creaks and it`s very, very dark even with the lights on".In contrast, Stan and Simon in their room,Stan sais,"well, if either of us stays sober enough, and gets lucky, i hope it`s not me that`s sleeping on these floor boards!".

Back downstairs, in the dining area, they were served a hearty breakfast, to which Dave commented," well lads, tuck in , this will set us up for the day".They enjoyed plenty of tea, coffee and toast.Once fed and watered, Dave and Rod proceeded to go to their room, Dave opened the huge wardrobe and said,"bloody hell man, i`m gonna look a real pratt wearing this, what on earth will the fawkes of York think of me wearing this!".Rod then looked at his outfit and replied ,"well at first i thought i would look a right Dick in it, but, on second thoughts, with the eye mask, it looks good".He then said,"i`m not taking the wooden horse, no way!".

Upstairs in their room, Stan and Simon went and found their costumes, Stan looked at his,"well i`m gonna look a right pillock in this outfit, look at that bloody big hat", He thought for a moment, then said,"i don`t know about a night on the bloody tiles, it will be more like trying to keep on track, rather than going off the rails".Simon replied,"well that`s fare enough, let`s hope you don`t end up in any sidings".Simon then said," right! here goes, good god, waring that outfit i will not have a problem gertting to the bar anywhere".He thought for a moment,then said,"i wish i`d chosen something else now, but rather than just roman around! i`v got to wear it and like it or lump it".He then sat down on the bed and paused for a moment.They both looked at each other and went for it.



Chapter 4


They started to put their costumes on, back downstairs in Dave and Rods room, were two men in costumes thar were quite frankly going to quite a stir on the streets of York today.They were then joined by Stan and Simon, who were stood there in amazement ! They simply could not believe good their pals looked, likewise, Dave and Rod echoed the same sentiments about their pals.After a brief chat, they all agreed the first stop was the bookmakers, so they could all put on their usual wager on the horses.They left the Guy Fawkes pub and started to walk up Petergate, frequently being stopped for photos by the many tourists, as they looked so good in their costumes.

As they approached Kings Square, they popped into the local bookmakers and all put wagers on various horses and football matches.They then proceeded across Kings Square and into the famous street called the Shambles.Once again, causing a stir, with their wonderful costumes, many residents and tourists alike taking snap shots with the lads.Some people actually thought there was filming taking place as the costumes were so good. 


Chapter 5


The boys eventually arrived at their first pub of the day, The Golden Fleece, not the ram-shackle pub ewe might think.Guy Fawkes went in first, followed by the other lads, the bar maid asked," is this a fancy dress competition", Guy Fawkes replied, "no love, it`s my stag day and i thought we would dress up for it, are you impressed!", she said," i certainly am, it adds a sparkle to my day for starters, plus, i`ve never had a highway man come for a pint in here before", Dick Turpin then sais," just stand and deliver four pints of lager please".The bar maid asked," where is Black Bess?", to which Turpin replied," she`s having a day off", which he thought was a stable reply.The bar maid couldn`t stop laughting, some of the pub regulars were in stitches, laughing at the lads costumes.The lads then drank up and left.


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