Finally we made it

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A short story about a social media relationship between two patient hearts willing to make their future. The trust, love and care they share in between each other is outstanding and made their chemistry lovable.

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017




It has been 10:00 in the morning when I got up from my bed wondering what could be the plans for spending these pack of holidays.

As I was thinking about, my phone bell rang. I rushed in a hurry hoping that it might be a call from one of my friends for a great way out. Unfortunately, it was a call from my grandma with whom the discussions are quite boring and lazy. I dint find any option to skip the call so I continued for a long time around. As soon as I discontinued the call I got to fresh up and had my breakfast which was kept by maa.

“”Eewweeee”“I still watch my scary plate when it is full of idli’s and sambhar around which was an out of syllabus for me. Anyways I completed and started social media chatting which is the best time pass.

I was going through insta requests as usual I scrolled hopelessly pitying on all those flirty guys and their filthy minds for whom the text from any girl was worthy.

For suddenly a moment, I don’t know why and what made me to reply for a request which was sent to me 3 days ago..! It was sent by a person named siddharth, I dint go through his profile instead I sent a reply saying..


It was an instant reply and we started knowing about each other enthusiastically, we dint end up our conversations early.

It was not to the point earlier as his texts were flirty for me and my attitude which speaks arrogant to men. Being in online for a late night I dint reply to him thinking “WHY SHOULD I?”.

As days passed we started reading each others minds which helped us to mingle together.

One fine day in the middle of the conversation he proposed me with his soulful words..

“I LOVE YOU NAINA” and he told everything about himself and his family. I can’t take his words to my heart as it were just a set of words which lack true feelings for me.

As days passed, I don’t know when it started in me..

‘The feelings for him Mr. Sid’ disturbed me completely and I can’t stop my thoughts to express him. With lot of shy I did it..

“I LOVE YOU SID”, typed the text.. waiting for his reply.. “I LOVE YOU TOO NAINA” came the reply.

Tears rolled down for his love showered on me these many days and trust he gained from me which is usually not a believable thing for me from guys.

We used to text from miles away hoping to see together one day, missing each other, caring from distance, Giving strength in hard times, fightings but still not giving up and even some romantic texts in which we planned for our future.

In between these days we made a plan to meet each other and when the time came for a perfect date.. Waoh!! It was our first date and we talked for a long period of time when suddenly I asked him

“Am I pretty?”,

He said “No”.

I asked him ‘if he wanted to be with me forever?, he said “No”.

Then I asked him ‘if he would cry I walked away, he said “No”.

I had heard enough; and I needed to leave.

As I walked away he grabbed my arm and told to stay.

He said “You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away, I would die.”

These words just made my love for him even stronger than before.

“I didn’t know true love existed before I met him…”

“We had a long conversations, and when suddenly, he asked me,

“Why do you love me?”

I answered him saying,

“Because you Idiot! can’t get a better girl than me.’” Then, he smiled and kissed me on my cheek. After a while he embraced me and said

“You’ll never forget me.”

I nodded, but then he told me the same phrase again and I hardly heard him. When I asked him, he suddenly kissed my lips and hugged me.

There was a complete silence and I was in dillmma and blush on my cheeks. I just turned my back away from him and looked at the sky above. He listened to the beats of my heart and asked me why my heart was beating too fast and I blamed him for that.

From that day he started teasing me How was your first kiss?“ I just smiled because I can’t forget the time his lips touched mine. That was the time that I proved to myself and to everyone that first kisses are always the sweetest, especially if it’s an unexpected kiss from the person we love…!

After 3 years of completion of my studies and as soon as he got a good job he came to ask my parents about our marriage acceptance.

The way he talked to my parents was just a way no bee could ever sting a person who destroys her hive. My parents thought for a long time about! And his words just made them melt and fall for him as i did. Both of our parents have agreed for our marriage proposal after some sort of clauses. That moment was just a new beginning for us. Our hearts danced, eyes spoke with tears, knowing we could never ever be apart. He kept the ring to my finger and we hugged each other while he whispered slowly in my ears..

“I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART, FINALLY WE MADE IT” and with a blush on my cheeks and tears running down my eyes I reolied..


“For everyone out there that has not found true love, I can tell you, ‘Dont Give Up”.

No love has a natural or an artificial ending and breakups when two hearts sacrifice everything to be in a relation by trusting each other completely and not giving up on as Sid and Naina did ‘not being fake to each other’ by being in a long distance patience relationship. It doesn’t depend on where we met it’s all about how much we love, care, trust each other and not leaving hands even when we tend to like each other.

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