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A short Big Foot story set in the US.

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017









Jacob nursing his fourth can of lager sat alone whilst his brothers Aidan and Ethan had gone to bed.


Aidan and Ethan had brought their wives Madison and Emily.


Jacob however had no one and he being the youngest felt like an after thought.


He liked his brothers but where ten years older with wives, careers and a bond he did not have like there was between Aidan and Ethan


It was late December and they booked a cabin in the White Mountains north of Albany.


Jacob sat alone watching television and reruns of a cop show he could not remember.


He was nursing a can of lager and whilst out of sorts being with his brothers and his wives he knew he needed the break away from his job being a paralegal for a small firm in Albany.


The plan was to spend New Years Day and drive home the following day.


He had brought his old Ford Explorer and his brothers had driven themselves up from New York for the break.


As see he sat alone watching television in the corner of his eye he thought he saw a shape in his peripheral vision going past the living room window.


He turned to look and see a large hairy figure lit up by the kitchen lights and carried on.


Jacob had read stories of Big Foot but wondered if it was one his brothers playing a joke or a local doing it to stir up things.


The following day he went hiking with his rifle hunting and fired at tin cans.


His brothers were out for supplies and they had left him to his own devices.


Jacob like to be outdoors away from people and the need to pretend that you cared for people.


As a paralegal his job was to help people sort problems but he was more interested in the stories that helped sort.


As a paralegal he heard and dealt with a lot. He was not a people person but could get by and was seen as competent and efficient.


He was mostly left alone and could be relied on to be get on with work.


He was not into office gossip or who was dating who.


Such things were distant he was interested in women yes but was more interested in his own life what he was doing.


He enjoyed his worked but on weekends would be out with a rifle or head up to Ipswich,

Massachusetts for a couple of days away.

Jacob was thinking of moving up there soon his job was okay but wanted a change away from the noise of Albany to smaller and quieter.

He was 46 and had been recently diagnosed as Aspergic but was on the high end not needing a carer.

He had wondered after feeling drained being around people.

As he was thinking on his choice he saw a set of prints in damp mud.

He was on a trail and they were not of bears or creatures of the White Mountains.

He took photos and measured them using his fingers as a comparison.

That night his brothers, their wives and Jacob sat together laughing and joking.

Jacob mentioned and showed the photographs and what he had saw.

His brothers both were doubtful but curious.

At sunlight the following day the footprints preserved by the frost and no snow had fallen.

The brothers were not so dismissive of Jacob now.

As they looking, talking in the distance something spooked some birds in a tree close by.

Jacob and the brothers saw a figure in the distance walking on two legs nine feet tall and with a stride great than any man.

After the figure had passed they were scared and headed back.

The brothers knew they would not be believed and promised to never speak of what they had seen and carried on their break as if nothing had happened.




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