The Taking of America

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The unintended consequence of compassion for others

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



It’s the year 2097, and I am sitting here looking at a picture book I found in an old mission that had been blown up in the war.

It’s a book of a blonde haired boy and what appears to be a birthing woman. The word under the picture is Mom. I do not know what the means.

I know we have birthing women who are in large building’s around the world. They live in the buildings until they are forty, and then they are usually executed because they have outlived their usefulness. They mate with our solider fathers to give birth to more warriors.  About three thousand girls a year are allowed to be born. They are allowed to live, so they can replace the birthing mothers who are killed. The girls are allowed to give birth when they reach the age of fourteen.

I am ten now, but in two years I will be allowed to join the soldiers and fight the resistance forces. Not many exists any longer as the soldier fathers have killed most of the resistance forces off.

 Once in a while, I can hear gunfire, but not too often, most of the resistance people have been blown up by the children. The resistance will not shoot the children. The soldier fathers know that the resistance forces will not kill a child, so that is why they use children as young as five. The child is killed, but it is a noble death. A death to pay respect to our God. 

I live in the rocks overlooking the ocean it is calm and pretty. Again back to the blonde haired boy and who he calls his mom. They looked happy and had big smiles. I guess they lived close to where I am now. Some of the area looks familiar to me in the picture book.

I have heard stories from a long time ago about people who lived here when it was called America.  My soldier fathers said that the American people were so concerned about being fair to other people from other countries that they let my soldier fathers into America and the soldier fathers slowly started killing them. It took thirty years to capture America, but they did. This land is now ours, in fact, the whole world is ours now. Allah is Great

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