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It's about not saving the innocence inside yourself

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



I should've saved you.

I should've done more to protect you from everything and everyone who could harm you.

Once they did, I should've been kind to your heart, I was the only peace of mind you had left.

I should've been more understanding.

I should've listened to your heart, healed your scars, repaired your soul and built you back up.

Instead I let you hide from the world and feel alone every single day.

There was more I should've said.

I watched and listened to your cries, although it hurt me inside, I never knew the right words to say to you.

I could've been more kind, instead of being blind to your pain or pretending to be blind to your pain.

I didn't know how to soothe your heart or nurture your soul, so you could be whole again.

I let you wander aimlessly in confusion, with a heavy heart.

You were so much more important to me, than I actually showed you.

I could've protected you more than I actually thought I was.

You needed me and as much as I thought I was there for you, seeing you now I realize I wasn't.

I let you down in your time of need.

When life hit you hard, I wasn't the friend you needed, the love and comfort you wanted, the shoulder

you needed to cry on, the friend who nursed you back to a healthy state.

I pay everyday for contributing to your pain.

Although I never intentionally harmed you, me leaving you to deal with life alone was torture enough.

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