Draped In Turbulence

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Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



The sea shines .

Reflects the image

in my mind.

Of me and you .

Along with the forces

of a sky so blue .

On a lightning wire

right above the breeze.

You call to me.

Stone hands.

As rough as anvils

carve in the plans.

That we owe to dreams .

That only held nightmares

and silent screams.

A moment of a time so dark .

I cleanse the anger

on a path embarked.

To hold you still .

And keep the love

forever real .

I'm ashamed

of the mess we've made.

These eyes never forget

to see

behind me.

Buoyant , the erotic tassels


the gripping jaws of life.

For years

We spent hoping

vases would still hold the rose.

Yet , poison in the thorn trees

bore spores

that devoured your smile.

We are the treason

the reasons of the fate.

That slipped off the wheel

of trusts last bound to break.

Neon moon of mercy

lights up

a memory of pain.

We're ashamed

of the draping rage .

That I never forget to see

inside me .

In a slumber

visions of a being.

Clouded the gravel

On days to be let free.

On a basket

the jar has my heart.

It's drifted into darkness

and traveled way too far.


telekinesis .

Speeds us away from the daze.

As I hold her down

in the hot melting flame.

She calls out my name.

This love is to blame.

With a fleece next to me

my soul is in peace .

The time has now arrived.

And I see her in my dreams.

Beauty and peace.

So faithless ,


Will she be uncaged?

To help me with the mess we've made.

I can only see.

The love in me. ..

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