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Prolog (v.1) - Beginning

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017




This book is based on the real events, some names and all song lyrics has been changed, particular scenes were added. The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the mentioned persons.

This book has dedicated to Marina Maksimova, thank her very much.

English edited by S.A. Sechler and HullaBaloo22.



Russia, near Moscow. June 10th, 2013. Today is the 30th birthday of Yulia Shirokova. Country road somewhere in a village region. There are two wooden fences. A van was driving on the bumpy road which not always smooth, the car is transporting a bunch of professional television equipment. Stanislav Merkulov, documentary author, decided to meet with the famous Russian singer Yulia Shirokova for an interview. TV producers called her by phone several times, she has spoken about an interest and then she told the reporters to arrive to her as quickly as possible. Now Merkulov has come to the first interview to discuss its details, and finally he will be making of a big interview. They stopped around a two-storey brick house, the largest in the countryside.

Stanislav Merkulov got out of the van, rang the intercom and Yulia meet him. Inside the dwelling house, it was a medium-sized, not large or small. The director of photography, with other cameramen has established tripods, cameras and lighting equipment. Stanislav and Yulia shook hands and settled down in two armchairs with a cloth of a checkered gray color. Not far from them was burning fireplace. This conversation took place in the summer. And now, they have spoken in front of the director of photography before turning on the camcorder.

“Explain in detail, what do you want?” Yulia said. “You said there will be some big interview.”

“You will be surprised. Our producers have a special interest for the creation of the film.”

“What is the duration of the film? Is it the dialogue and short story for five minutes?”

“You cannot believe it. We want to make the biographical film.”

“When do you shoot?”

“It’s today. Like I said, we wanted to surprise you.”

“It cannot be done quickly.”

“We are not in a hurry. You know that day will be long.”

“When do you shoot exactly?”

“You should wait while they will install the equipment. And then, whenever you like, after a break or not.”

“Well, if I already agree with your producers, it means that it makes no sense to refuse.”

“But we want to make not an ordinary documentary film.”

“It seems that surprises don’t end, but it’s only the starting point. I wonder what’s next?” Stanislav Merkulov started to speak, it seems he spoke for several minutes, and Yulia just listened.

“Firstly, our understanding is that now has been noticed an unfortunate trend among local market film distribution. There is much talk about piracy, copyright and Internet technologies. At the same time, our producers and managers have unconventional views about these issues. As you know, whatever the reason, they produce films only for two categories: for parents with children under twelve and only for adults. As far as I’m concerned, our age ratings are not always accurate to the content of the foreign films. It is wrong, kind of conservative. Assignment to the different ages categories tends to increase, just due to any nose bleed and any fight. Therefore, it appears that there are no films for teens in our film distribution.

Meanwhile, foreign companies that sell the American films to our country have assumed that it’s only a piracy, nothing more. And they do not know the system of local film distribution. It’s not just pirates. Yes, teenagers see pirated movies, but they can not get into legal movie theaters, because obviously ratings are very high and too conservative. We decided to catch teens attention to movie theaters by making an autobiographical film about you.”

“Why me?”

“Your early album is known among teenagers, with an open appeal to them. It is assumed that you are a reputable person by comparison with other musical figures.”

“In other words, do you want to photograph the film only with one interview at this room? Who is going to watch the movie without the high quality sound and director’s innovations? Despite the age ratings.”

“Please, could you wait a little? We have not quite explained the idea to you. Our film will contains of this interview and screenplay pieces. Other actresses can play role of you from different ages, who will have a younger appearance.”

“Why any other actress must play the role of me? Isn’t easier to take theatrical makeup?”

“Please, if it’s not too much trouble, we can film every scene with you. It will take a little longer in production time.”

“I’m not in a hurry. When do you explain the exact script, and what is the approximate shooting schedule? I would have time for my concerts?”

“I understand, Yulia. After the filming this non-fiction interview, we will write a fictitious script for cut scenes. You can come to us and make your own corrections. And then we begin shooting the cut scenes in accordance with a schedule which will be suitable for you.”

Yulia got up, shook hands with Merkulov and she said, “We’re agreed. Well, let’s see what will be next with this offer,” and then she added, “and did you think about before?”

Merkulov replied, “I once saw a documentary about the events of 9/11. This film was mixed in type of edit as fiction with comments of real eyewitnesses and it would be good see the documentaries on all topics filmed exactly the same. In this case, you feel a big responsibility between the living person with his or her feelings, no matter who the person is.”

“By the way, I also have noticed a tendency,” said Yulia. “Why does any movie about musicians depict drugs, fighting and lawlessness? Why the movie, but not the film? Why not make a good film?”

“We offered exactly this idea to you.”

“I doubly agree,” said Yulia.

“When do we start to film the conversation?”

“Could you wait five minutes? I should apply the deeper makeup for cameras.”

“Okay, we’ll wait.”

Stanislav Merkulov went to the Chief Cameraman and announced break in five minutes. The Chief told the assistants to check the settings of the cameras and lighting; for these purposes they placed two random people in the armchairs. Around the fireplace were camcorders and lighting fixtures such as softboxes, resembling bright white squares. On the other side, the equipment was covered by cloth and stood on the racks.

When she came back from the room after the break, she sat down and started the story. Sometimes it was a monologue, sometimes a conversation with clarifying questions. It lasted about five or seven hours, then Merkulov left her home. The next week passed. The conversation finally has been filmed and edited from different points, and Yulia had already watched it in the editing room. There was only one small issue: she has not always liked the conversation script and order of questions, as well as shots between it.

The director, or his assistant that wrote the script of film, has not always inserted accurate sentences to point out the most important thing. For example:

“I think that it is folly to a buy new house at Kashirskoe Highway. Aren’t you afraid that some drunk reckless driver will crash your house?”

we have a drunk reckless driver who may crash into my house by car and then he will blame his unhappiness, because he broke own cell phone.”

What is? Yulia thought. There have always been stupid jokes in the script of the film? Before adding jokes, at least must be presence of meaning. Yulia watched the next pages.

Text for reading by voice-over:

‘It is necessary to distinguish between the speech of politicians and the most ordinary people. The political speech with very short lines, anybody would agree with these words. Any people like younger and older, the people with different social, cultural or religious views. On the other hand, the president of any country has his or her point of view, and does not necessarily support all; but he or she will pronounce in short speech, because he or she wants to see voters. The advantage of this speech is that it affects the feelings of people, and usually does not contain thoughts that may not please somebody. At the same time, its main disadvantage is the lack of individuality. Real thoughts of the president may not coincide with his or her short speech.

Genuine conversation may contain thoughts that are possibly not to some people’s liking, we do not always support the interlocutors. On the other hand, when such a speech is sincere, only such sentences can change the progress of society.

But why is the main point politics? I am apolitical. Yulia thought.

The year has passed. Finally, the film is completely edited. It is time to watch.

© Copyright 2018 RomanBoukreev. All rights reserved.


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