Porcelain Heart

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Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



I can still remember

the moments that we etched.

Through our cemented fingers

in the years of blue lament.

In the clouds I saw you ,

Your face was as bright as sun.

Through the red ribbon memories

our hearts conjoined as one.

The stains of blood has soaked

the eternity of trains.

Whining at their stations

that feel the wrenching pain.

If time would stop in it's tracks ;

I could catch the words said

behind my back.

Inside you're hollow .

A never ending pit.

A heart cloaked in porcelain .

A home of pure torment.

The identities consume us.

As the moment freezes up .

We medle with our feelings

to astain the seconds

that we lost.

Morning shoots right through you.

Like a translucent scream .

That echoes the ears of millions

But, we survive in empathy.

The crowd of angry scorned men.

Rush to betray me.

A thousand souls that wander

in the tyranny of dreams.

All I own is me.

But, your heart of porcelain

can't beat unto me.

The windows are open

The season feels ashamed.

As the smell of winter

freezes up my brain.

Through the drifts I saw you.

Coming home to me.

Holding on to passion

a child of misery .

I wrap you in my arms.

The ruins have all fell.

You gave this emptiness a name .

The days run away

into the decade psalm.

Longing for the centuries

to give us what we lost.

Now two hearts are beating.

As your skin graces mine.

We close up all the shutters.

So the sun will not shine.

And we love

like we never loved before.

I blessed the day I discovered

your porcelain heart..

Returning to my door .

I am yours

and you are mine.

We have finally

synchronized time.

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